What !

I was little maybe 7 and I watching a comedy a movie . When it ended on my way to sleep I stopped at my brothers room . There was a shadow watching over him like a guardian . I threw a shope but it passed through him I didn"t scream for my mom instead I headed to bed. I was asleep dreaming of a monster trying to attack me but then I noticed it wasnt doing it on porpuse it was hurt . He was bleeding I came close and touched the cut and it was gone . I woke up to some shadow over me  but when I blinked it was gone . Under my breath I  said come back the black figure wasnt a angel but a black soul taking care of me . I reminded him of someone . I  have seen him in glimpses but never his real form . I wish i could though  . He looks and makes me feel like hes trying to tell me something but unseen

Do you have any idea why ?
harboraqua harboraqua
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where could he be