The Shadow Thats Watches Me

as long as I could remember I have seen A shadow its not human but has human form.
such as a head legs arms and  feakish  red eyes that stair and watch me.
its stands about 7ft tall with the hands and feet of a beast and
has followed me since I was a child no matter what house or state I moved to.
This shadow does not seem to want to hurt me but I get the feeling that it could if it wanted too.
One night My wife not knowing the description of the this shadow being woke up
beside my sleeping body and too her surprise found a shadow crouching down over me with
its face close to mines she says she tried to wake me up but I wouldn't  an it only seemed to make
this shadow angry every time she touched me. When I woke the shadow was gone she told me what happened and
what was only my secrete for fear of being called crazy was now hers too.
she gave me a full description of what she saw and then I told her That I did what I had been seeing since
I was a child.
It was good to Know that I was not crazy but I would like to Know ?what does this shadow want with me. 
?and why does it follow me constantly watching.
mystiqstar mystiqstar
1 Response Oct 7, 2011

my friend i have heard similar stories ive seen one to if you believe in god or if you dont come to terms with god and pray to him and this is one thing ive said many times "i cover my self in the blood of jesus christ and nothing will touch me" the devil is afraid of god saying those word helps also NEVER TRY TO FIGHT IT ON YOUR OWN! contact me for further in formation