The Dark Figures

I cant help feeling every night when i go to bed their is a shadow figure standing their and that it would follow me, once stood in the light it would rather burn in it or stand in the shadows. I'm pretty confused about it.
joel2014 joel2014
13-15, M
4 Responses Mar 6, 2012

as a kid something would attack me i would wake up with scratches and cuts also 3 1/2 years ago after my sister died for 6 months a dark shadow attacked me. it would hold me down put its hands around my throat. it got to the point i wouldnt go to bed at night and i would try to sleep during the day and it started to attack me during the day.. one of the scariest things ive went threw. i fianlly screamed im not scared of u and u cant do this to me anymore and burned sage around my house and it hasnt came back.. but now everytime i take pics there are orbs in every pic and when i take videos u can see them..

Only worry if they bring harm upon you. I see shadows to but there is always one that sticks out to me i only see his shape but he is white and glowing when i was younger and scared of the dark he would grab my hand and guide me back to my room through the darkness. He doesn't guide me through it anymore instead he fights the shadows i see. I have come to believve that everyone has one of these light people find your and he or she will help you.


Go and talk to a respected, trusted Pastor. I have seen these things myself. Its important to deal with it.