Shadow People

The first time that I remember seeing them was as a small child. I would be in my bed at night and when i would look at the door, there would be three of them sort of peeking at me. They would look as tho they were hiding behind the door casing peering around it and looking in. All i could see was part of there heads and there hands as they looked in on me. I didn't find them frightening in fact I remember trying to talk to them. My mother would sometimes come into the room and ask me who i was talking to, and I would tell her that they were "My black friends". She would always tell me that they were not real, and that I should stop with that sillynes and go to sleep. We moved out of that house and into another when I was 7. I didn't see them again until I was 10 or so, and this time the experience was much different. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and having to use the bathroom. As I was getting out of the bed i had happened to look down the hall outside of my room. it was almost pitch black save the faint glow from my little sisters nightlight in her room. For some reason I had looked farther down the hallway and that's when I saw it. This time I could see the whole figure. It was taller then I was and seemed to be a bit heavyer. I could see both arms and legs,and it's head. It had no discernible features (Like eyes or a mouth) and just sort of stood there not moving. it was more black than the dark hallway and was scary as hell. i never got out of the bed that night, I just pulled the covers over my head and stayed there until I fell asleep again. in the morning when i got up for school I told my mom what I had seen and she just sort of brushed it of and said that I must have been dreaming. months went by with out incident then again I had woken up in the night, rolled over in my bed and saw another one. This one was in my room and was sitting at the desk next to my bed and looked as tho it was reading something on the desk. Again I pulled the covers over my head and stayed there until I fell back asleep. this time when I woke up I didn't tell anyone about it and just went on with my day. That following night I again had woken up in the night, and again I saw it sitting at my desk. This time the figure turned and seemed to look at me. it raised it's arm and began to wave, like it was saying hello or something. This freeked me out so bad that i jumped right out of bed and ran screaming to my parents room. Mom and dad both asked me what was going on and thu all the crying I told them about what i had seen the last two nights. trying to comfort me I was told again that i was just dreaming. anyways I still see them from time to time. sometimes in my house sometimes outside but never for more than a second or two. I have not a clue what they could be,but truly believe that they are real.            
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I know how you feel. I have seen similar things for as long as i can remember. There were so many times I covered myself with a blanket because of the menacing black shadows.... then there are ones that seem harmless.... I dunno its weird...

This is scary...

i have only one, and i think he protects me. and talking to him comforts me. don't tell anyone though, they'll just say you're crazy.