Dark Figure

Last nighy I experienced the weirdest things....i went drinking with some friends. Went home ate and went to bed. I was awoken by someone calling out a name that I didnt recognize. I woke up realized where I was, calmed myswlf down and went back to sleep. Some time later, I felt something touch my foot and crinkling of a bag. When turned over to see what it was, there was I dark figure looked to be wearing a hat and trench coat and it had a white bag in its hand...i got scared turned ove and covered uo and went back to sleep... I didnt feel scared or thought it was gonna hurt me just scared of the unknown. The touch wasmt forceful and felt gentle. Please help what does it mean?
Lauren83 Lauren83
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Nothing dark really just really overwhelmed, my husband has said he has felt low but didnt think it was anything but stress...i heard that seeing that means death... Or adeath to come soon...