And I have seen them in all different sizes and forms. But the one most memorable to me occured fairly recently. I was in my bedroom, sitting on my floor, going through papers in the bottom drawer on my desk. From my right, I saw a black orb floating toward my desk, but before it could reach it, a white orb came flying down from above and crashed into the black one, causing them both to disappear. Now, a different story, one more scary. When I was little, say between the ages of 3 and 5, I was sleeping in my own bedroom across from my mom and dad's room. Every night at about the same time, I would wake up and go into my mom's room crying and complaining that a hand was coming through my window. I can't remember the hand but I can remember going to bed in my room, leaving my room, and waking up in mom's room. Weird. So, after this happened every night for a year or so, my parents finally moved me to a different room. It never happened again. I was even moved back into the room again several years later, but it still never happened again. Weird. And now, strange stuff happens to me all the time...

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I don't live in the house with the hand anymore. And I have already done a cleansing ritual in my current room. Don't worry. But thanks for the advice! :)

hmmm, weird. u need to burn sage in that room sweet heart.