How My Mom Got Those Bruises. </3

                              My father is an unbelievable alcoholic... He hurts my mom a lot. AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!
Usually when my dad hurts my mom its just him yelling at her and making her feel terrible. He doesn't only drink brown liquor he also smokes marijuana. He always tells me, he does all those bad things because his back hurts and my mother makes him feel terrible all the time. Well I know his back is fine and he's the one making my mom feel terrible. And every Wensday he goes out to his friend Lee's house to play pool, drink and do drugs. And when he come's home around 11 or 12 at night, he always yells at me or my 19 year old sister. And my mom tries to protect us and ends up getting the brunt of my dads abusive actions. And one morning, around 1 o'clock, extremely early... Or late, either way... My father came home and, not for the first time, but the WORST time, abused my mom in more than one way.........
           My father came home and was slamming the cubbard doors and the fridge in the kitchen at my house. Everyone but my sister down stairs could hear it. Which would be my nephew, my mom and I. So because later that morning would be my first day at my new school, my mom got out of bed to ask my dad to please be quiet for my sake. And my father obviously didn't appreciate that... He started screaming disgustingly mean and rude things to my poor mother. And because my mom is who she is, she yelled back. But not ANYWHERE NEAR like my dad always does.
          When I finally got out of bed about an hour later, I stood at the end of my hallway watching my parents argue violently. And my mother was standing in front of the kitchens food cubbards doors about 10 feet in front of me and my father grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the doors and broke them because he was using all of his strength he had. And my mom struggled to get free. At this time I unvoluntarily was scream crying for him to stop. But he wouldn't let go of her neck. My mom then, fist clenched, hit him on the side of his face. He then, pursued punching her over.... and over and OVER again. When I finally got them to stop by throwing a vase at my father.... He left and came back later.
           My mom just went to her room and I couldn't sleep AT ALL. The whole rest of the day I shook crazily and whole bodied. At 5 in the morning when I had to start getting ready for school that same morning, my father showed up acting like nothing happened. Except he slept in our RV. That was the not only the worst first day I school I've ever experienced, it was the second worst DAY in the past 5 years I've ever experienced. My fathers been repeating nights JUST like that for the past year or so.

           So first let me thank whomever comments on this and/or reads this, and please help me understand what I should do! Should I just not talk to my father ? Should I call the police ? Should I tell a counselor at my school or my payed therapist ? And please help me find out a way that I can show my mother that what my dad does is wrong and how she should finally fill out the divorce papers she looks at every day hoping to get the courage to fill them out ! 
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seen all this when i was a kid , seen my mom getting hurt all the time there was nothing i could do . in those times women just had to put up with , that was the irish law

there are tougher laws on this now and lots of help and support , please go get it , get help

Yes, but I am hoping with all of my heart that it never happens again. <br />
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Stay strong, baby girl. Dial 911 if it ever happens again. Call for help for your mom.

I grew up watching it too. I went through it as a married mother. Chances are your mom as complex PTSD, stockholm syndrome, low self esteem, and is codependent. If the police can get her to a domestic violence center, the center can "detox" her. <br />
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She needs to detox from the relationship. Call the police. Ask for help. Tell the police you want out of there. If your mom goes back, tell them you don't want to go. It is hard hard hard HARD thing to go through but you mom deserves better. You deserve to feel safe in your house. <br />
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I wish I could give you a hug, wipe away your tears, and tell you everything is okay. I can't do that. Just keep staying strong and know that if you do break down it is okay too. <br />
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Pull up a song by Atmosphere called "Last to say" on youtube. Listen to it. Ask your mom to come listen to it (when your dad isn't around). Tell her "please don't stay."

The police may take you, your sister, and your mom to a shelter for battered women. It's okay. They are there to help. Let them help. <br />
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Break the silence. Tell.

I was in your mom's position. Tell! Tell someone, tell anyone, tell everyone. Just tell!<br />
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Next time your father hits her, dial 911. I know it will be hard but that is the only way to help your mom. You shouldn't have to throw things at him to get him to stop. Your mother shouldn't take the abuse.<br />
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Dial 911, tell them your daddy is hitting your mommy again and you are afraid and your mommy is hurt. Tell them to come. Tell them you are afraid. <br />
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I feel for you, I did not like hearing this. There should be someone who can help.