I Grew Up In a Home Where Domestic Violence Lived Too Often but mom and me loved dad anyway!

i believe i have already told the story here about my father beating my mother and me coming home and finding her this particular time and i went after my father and punched him in the face and knocked him down the stairs and i thought that i had killed him as he hit his head and then just got back up and continued to drink.
but there are many stories, my father and my uncle were some of the "good ol boys"in the country setting that they came from (kentucky), they were good men to themselves and i did love them as my father and my uncle.but their choice of alcohol would be the destruction of their lives and both their families as well, my mother refused to divorce my father because of her principles , she had been taught better when she was a young girl by her mother(my grandma).besides for all his faults and shortcomings she loved him, and she didn't want me without a dad, for a woman ,my mother was a rock in some things , i love her for it.
women don't get the credit in this life sometimes for their strength of spirit amid family problems thru out their lives , but thank God hes watching!
i began to drive at 12 altho the rule was 15 with a permit and then start at 16 with parental permission.it was about 3 in the morning , one morning in the middle of a torrential rainstorm , i was a short kid till about 13 , so my dad was drunk , the old route 27 south of toledo was the road that we were on, and he pulled over and passed out, well after a bit of thought , i put him in the back seat,got him comfortable , , and i took a pillow and i sat on it in the drivers seat, it was plymouth push button, 1962, so i drove to a detour that would take me to telegraph rd., then on to 8 mile rd east to home.it was raining so bad at first i was scared but then my thinking took over (cause i was now responsible for what hapened to us and i knew it)so i began to reason in my thinking that all i had to do was obey all the traffic laws as no body could see in the windows anyway , it was raining cats and dogs out here!
so i made it home without a problem , and this gave me confidence that would keep me strong in new ways as i got older.my mother was rather upset when she discovered that i was the driver, but she got over that seeing that we were home safe , i learned a valuable lesson here, and i had learned it on my own because i loved my dad, that lesson is you always give your best to take care of your own family whether your young or your old. tigerspaw1
tigerspaw1 tigerspaw1
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Sep 13, 2012