Fear Of My Father

Everyday I would be terrified, Of what would happen today,

Would he beat her up or physically abuse her or burn our whole family to death,

I don't know why he would do such things to my poor Mother,

 I lived in constant fear Of my Father.

I don't know why my Mom didn't leave my Dad

I even wanted to kill my myself when I was 9 or kill my Father instead.

I might have been  young, But I knew very well that my Dad was a cruel man.

The only time that I felt safe was when I was playing, running around like a kid should,

I hated when it would become dark and I would have to return home,

'Cause I always knew what to expect, It had become a daily routine,

I was just a girl who needed a Dad and not some wife-beater Father.

When I was 11, My mom finally divorced my father,

At last, freedom for my Dear Mother from all that torture,

But when He felt I felt sad, Infact I even cried.

I lived with the guilt of missing such a horrible man, 

But I think I'm Over It Now.


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18-21, F
1 Response Mar 12, 2010

That is so wrong. I wish the sissys that beat women would go to the bar and pick on someone there that might whoop their azzz. But they won't because they are afraid of anything that might be stronger than a woman. I would like to release my bowels in the face of every man who has ever hit or psychologically hurt a woman.