I hear voices.
Now before you get paranoid, the voices are NOT of evil content and they do not traipse around my mind constantly.
This voice has saved my life, told me to take a different path home or to not trust someone.
And when I was smart enough to listen, I came out on the better end of the situation.
I have avoided running into the side of a moving train on a dark and rainy night, found a dog that has saved my life and saved myself some heartache.
Is it intuition? Is it the future warning me? Or is it someone watching over me................?
I don't know.
I have even argued a point with retrospect, I don't know if I have ever won an arguement.....
IT warned me my husband was cheating, again and I was to check his voice mail, considering he always carried his phone, I said this was a moot home and his phone was on the table and he was mowing the property...........I checked, he was cheating.
I hear this voice, my Mom had a voice, as did her Mom and the moms before.
No, they have yet to give lottery numbers.........bummer.

I firmly believe we all have psychic ability, that is washed away by our parents who claim we have too much imagination (and my all time favourite) or I was asleep, it was only a dream.
The cops call it ''gut instinct''.
You call it a feeling.
Some say a hunch.
Regardless what they call it, most of the time they ''listen'' to it and are glad they did.

I take pictures of ghosts, but there is one problem okay two, with this hobby.
1.) They don't show up on command......frustrating
2.) Church friends believe I am practicing Witchcraft.
Now on point number two, if they looked up the definition of that word (per Webster's), ''......intercourse with evil spirits''. Intercourse meaning dealings or connections with people, in this instance.
These are firm church people, but they have just met me and have claimed I am an evil person. Other church goers who have known me for 5 years, claim this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Now for the ghosts.
I had my first encounter when I was 15 and my brother had been killed in a car wreck and we had just become close the last year of his life. I couldn't eat, sleep, listen to the radio, for every breath I took reminded me of one he could not.
Don showed up at the end of my bed and told me that I needed to 'get on with my life'. When I argued he said when I heard a song he liked, that was his way of showing me he was thinking about me and that was the same about every aspect in my life.
I have often wondered if he was the voice...............
The second was when my aunt Johnn-e recorded the voice of a child that died when he was 7 yrs old.
The latest being a photograph of a ghost in my front yard, a hour before dark. Now understand, if you have  to squint, stand on one leg and face North, there is nothing to see. It is the picture where you see what is there, that wasn't visible to the naked eye.
On a low period, out with the camera at my place, I asked mom to show me a sign that she is looking down on me and very clearly her name Margaret appears on the end of the house; the second picture taken 10 seconds later (the time before you can snap another picture) and there was no name on the wall.
I also went on a ghost tour in Mckinney Texas and snapped a photograph of a peddlers bag on a bed ..........not only was it not on the bed to the naked eye, but there is visible a doll inside the bag, as if the traveler was taking home a toy for a daughter. On the same tour took a picture of a face peering out of a house window, only the face was so large, it was akin to an adult looking through the back of a dollhouse.
This is fun and I have to admit I like the reactions of those who view the pictures.
I always say a prayer of protection, but then I usually say one when I leave my house.....................

Anyways just wanted to share this with you and understand, just because they are spirits, does not make them evil. Maybe they are still around just to keep and eye on their love ones, or the home they enjoyed or just don't want to leave, or.................maybe you wont let them go.A

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also look up Socrates and his Daimon.. (its a form of the word Demon but it just means "spirit friend" and after all Demons are Wicked Angels

I see ghosts pretty often, like 5 times a week. I used to see ALOT of them and they all had voices. But most of them were evil to me, and some of them were my guides or "angels" I know it's your angel

Every soul has a guardian angel. The angels direct us to avoid our judgement day before God on the condition you listen you your gaurdian angel. Your angel has a name. Ask your angel for her name every night before you go to be. Eventually she will tell you. When she does you will realize how she speaks to you thus you are on a different level with your angel for the glory of God. For your angel wants you to be successful in doing God's will. Intuition or gut feeling is your good angels council.

I'm so interested in all of this. I believe everyone does have a psychic ability but as you say, we are taught to block it out. I would love to see some of the pictures you're talking about. Oh- and don't listen to the church goers who think you're evil- they can't accept what they don't understand and so, unfortunately for you, this turns into ignorance on their part. Sounds like you have a true gift.

thankyou for sharing your experiances !<br />
i know what ur going threw just donot worry ur not going crazzy !<br />
i also had simuler experiance like ur's but what you have inside you is your spirit guide and he is guiding you write and from wrong just be carefull cause somex when ur born with a gift and it comes out like crazy when you donot know what ur doing or how to say it !<br />
it tells you tell it tell it but ur fear is like other critisizeing you or even the crazy but like you & me and others like us know whats up but my advise stay strong trust ur spirit guide and always stay positive and believe cause you have a beutiful gift! <br />
peace and love to you!

Thanks for sharing your story. A prayer of protection is something I should consider, which sounds very dumb that I haven't considered it before. I have always imagined bathing my body and soul in a white and gold light; I heard that helps. How does your protection prayer go?

This is a new one to me. <br />
I like new.<br />
But i live without electricity (not by choice) and a.m., doesn't come in too well. What are their numbers (like 100.3fm) and I will give them a try.<br />
You believe?<br />
I didn't think I would find anyone here.........oops batt dead no power gotta gooooooooo

You should listen to coast to coast am