What The F*** Was That?

To begin with, I have always had strange experiences, my whole life. I had grown used to it and figured maybe everyone had these experiences, they just chose not to talk about it. Later I realized that is not the case at all, and I should probably not be so open about sharing my encounters. Now don't get it twisted, I wasn't Haley Joel Osment seeing dead people, but I did see entities of one form or another. Not everyday, nor everywhere, just whenever they decided I should see them. In fact, my entire life, if laid out sequentially in casual conversation,  would be perceived as vain imagination...to those who have never beheld. People who have had similar experiences always offer relief to feeling like the odd man out. I have however had experiences with other people who saw the same thing and heard the same noises. I will share one with you now.

  A few years ago I was living in Asheville, NC. I had a friend who was familiar with strange entities because he had always been followed by them, to wherever he moved. His mother told me tales that made my hair stand on end, of things that happened in their home when he was growing up. I had also experienced things in several of the residences he had stayed in throughout the time I had known him, so this to us was commonplace and rarely even mentioned anymore. One day he had mentioned how he was starting to get uneasy because he said something was flying around his bed at night for the last few nights. He said the wind created in the room was blowing papers off the wall. I knew he was serious but I didn't know how to console him. I recommended he pray. He was appreciative but declined. While sitting in his room we heard what we assumed to be his roommates come in, and start making a lot of noise, no voices, just footsteps and glass clanging and then it suddenly stopped. Walking downstairs to see what was going on we saw no one, and nothing out of place. He called his roommate to ask why they bailed out so quick only to find out he had been at a bar downtown the whole time with their other roommate. We immediately wanted to leave so we proceeded to. As we were about to get in the car we were standing just off the porch talking when I saw the silhouette of somebody poke their head up and look out the window at us. It quickly moved its head and was gone. Whoever it was was just outside of my friends room in the corridor. I told him and he was expressionless. He just said "I know man...I'm tired of it." Needless to say we both got in our cars and parted ways for the night.

Bear with me, this is just getting started...

A few days later I came over to his house to work on music. My friend wasn't off work yet so I shot the **** for a few with one of his roommates and asked him if he had ever experienced anything "strange" in the house before. He laughed and said he didn't believe in such things. All of a sudden he says, "Come to think of it, right before you showed up, I heard something slam into the house and it shook the whole place". "Damn..." I thought to myself, "...this fool is talkin' about a tree falling...". I was expecting something "supernatural". I asked him if a branch or tree had fallen. He said that was his first thought and examined the yard around the house and saw nothing. I dismissed it as "whatever" in my mind and the conversation went elsewhere until he left to go meet some friends of his. I was now the only one in the house and feeling, well, for lack of better english, pretty much creeped-the-****-out. I called my friend to tell him hurry up but there was no answer so I left him a voicemail. It was then I decided to just be brave and go upstairs to his room and get a head-start on the music.

I had been in the room not even 5 minutes, still waiting for his dinosaur of a computer to boot, when I experienced the same loud boom on the side of the house and the entire structure shook. Immediately as the shaking stopped, I heard what sounded like every cabinet door slamming repeatedly shut. My heart rose into my throat and the clamor stopped. Praying silently, I ran to all the top floor windows looking vainly for damage, knowing inside that this didn't seem like a fallen tree, and from the sounds in the kitchen I was too scared to go downstairs. Freaking out, I kept calling my homeboy to no avail, when the boom came once more. Again the cabinet doors did the same thing. The only way I can characterize the way it felt, is with a big, cartoon giant punching the side of the house with a vengeance, full force. I scattered to the window facing the driveway, hoping a car besides mine was there and this was all just a big funny joke. Nope. Just me. I went downstairs and looked in the kitchen, and the living room, and the bedroom, with goosebumps I'd never felt before, running up and down my body. I bolted back up the steps and into his room. I sat down and prayed silently once again, and of course texted my friend that he needed to get there and quickly. Our other musical colleague was supposed to be coming over but I had no idea what time. I just hoped it was soon. I felt like if someone else was there, by default, it wouldn't happen. I'd say about a half an hour went by fine, I was immersed in the music. I paused the music to give my ears a break, and I heard someone walking around downstairs getting closer to the steps. "Finally", I thought, "somebody is here." I assumed it was the friend who lived there, it sounded like he was about to come upstairs but the footsteps kept walking around the base of the staircase. I shouted to see who had come in but there was no reply. Then came a strange whistle. There was no tune, or melody, but it was distinct as someone whistling so I shouted for whoever it was to stop and it did.

I was incredibly anxious at this point, questioning why I hadn't already left. We had work to do, and that was that. I was positive when someone got there these things would stop anyway. I heard my friends car pull up in the gravel driveway, and for safe measure, looked out the window again to make sure this was real. Alas, it was him. I knew he would believe me, even though I barely could myself. He walked in and came upstairs and sat down next to me. Tears began to well up in my eyes as I explained what happened. This was not crying, but the identical reaction my friend has when something paranormal is close to him. His eyes began to well up too and he never batted an eye at what I told him. All he said was "I told you something is here." A moment later, we both heard someone walking around near the bottom of the steps, but hadn't heard them walk in. My friend called out our buddy's name assuming it was him. No one responded. Besides, we would've heard his bike pull up in the driveway. I asked him if we should leave and work elsewhere but he said no and began to get confrontational yelling at whatever it was. He exclaimed that we were not going anywhere and it couldn't force us to do so. The footsteps immediately began to walk up the staircase. Our eyes began to water even more and we just looked at each other puzzled as to what was about to happen. When the footsteps reached the top, they stopped. We called out for our friend another time to confirm if it was him or not, but were too terrified to get up and look out the door. A strange energy came rushing through the room and the temperature seemed to drop drastically as the footsteps began again, this time circling around in the hallway getting faster and louder as they continued. They eventually stopped in front of the makeshift bedroom door which was simply a blanket pinned to the wall. My friend and I looked at each other briefly and simultaneously looked toward the door. What happened next still haunts me to this day and I hope it never occurs again.

I saw four long, gnarled fingers reach through to pull the blanket back and enter the room. Once it had been drawn back, I saw, clear as day, an enormous robed entity, bend down and stick his head into the room, looking at both of us with the most sinister expression. It looked human-like, but was clearly not. All the features were enlarged to probably three times that of the biggest person you've ever seen. I estimate the thing to be about 12 feet tall as it made quite an effort to stoop below the door. The skin looked a sickly, pale yellow. The eyes were enormous but gave no reflection because they were pitch black and somewhat sunken into its head. It was like looking into the eyes of death. The air was thick with an eery sense of some ancient evil. The being pulled its head out of the doorway and released the blanket. I looked at my friend terrified before he asked me, "Dude, did you see that too?". I nodded. He asked what color its skin was and I replied "Yellow...". "Oh my God!" he exclaimed, and again our eyes began to water harder than ever. We cross examined each other for a few minutes to make sure we weren't going crazy. The absolute only difference in what we saw was, while I saw the entity with a robe on and the hood down, my friend saw the being naked with no robe. We didn't stick around very long, and I told him I would never return there. He eventually moved that month and hasn't experienced anything to that extreme since, nor have I. That experience will forever be burned into my memory, along with the other bizarre occurrences from my life. I don't know what we saw that day, but I am curious to know if anyone else has ever seen anything similar to this entity. These things sound absurd, and with good reason, they are, but they are presented factually with no exaggerations. No one can understand until they have seen it for themselves.
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