The Woman In The Tub.

When I was a baby my parents moved into a new house. My mom's friends husbands' first wife hd just passed away in the house. I had no knowledge of this and I was about 5. I was using the bathroom when real quick I seen a glimpse of a woman (rather tall looking) in the tub. I went to my mom and she cupped her hand around her open mouth. I asked what was wrong and she told me that there use to be a woman who lived here. She told me she died in the bathroom. (I had already had to learn what death was at a young age) So that was my first ghost encounter. I have some other times but this was my very first one.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

It's all due to death, Usually when people die, they go to heaven or hell, but ghosts are people who didnt yet get into heaven or hell due to unfinished buisiness on earth, so thats why most people that died were good people, but turned to evil and scary ghosts because theyre sad and miserable.