Seen, Heard And Felt

First, let me just differentiate between ghosts and guardian angels...I have both, and somehow they are not the same.

In my first house I bought in my adult life, we had a ghost, and though there were sign of him...and yes, I said him... I never actually saw him. Sometimes, when I was doing dishes mostly, he would come up behind and give me a hug. It was very comforting, warm and not scary at all. Sometimes you could feel him sit beside you on the sofa while you were watching tv. At times you could hear him racing through the house, running upstair or down, closing doors sometimes...and he frequently liked to go out in the backyard and jump on our trampoline... you could hear the springs squeak. Whenever we would go on vacation he would do some mischievious thing... like one time he cut the cord to our nintendo. Once he turned off our freezer... things like that.

After moving from our rural town to the big city, my daughter missed the wide open spaces, so whenever we would take a trip home, we took to taking pictures of the fields, and the windmills, and the deserted houses and dilipidated barns that dot the countryside... you know, just basically landscape. We have taken two photos of spirits... not orbs, but of ghosts with a semi human form. One appears to be a native american to the untrained eye... but to me she looks like a girl I went to high school that was murdered out in a field near the area where the picture was taken, and the other appears to be an old man (a weathered old farmer if you let your imagination run wild) out standing by a run down tractor abandoned in the middle of a field.

In our apartment in the city, we frequently see stuff. My cat is tormented at least on a weekly basis, though I would say my sightings are not nearly so frequent, but would be safe to say I never go more than two months without seeing something. Now, but something, what I see is not orbs... and not direct full on, I sit here and look at this sightings, but more flashes of color (not even really color as that brings to mind visisions of neon, and pastels, primary, secondary, these are not like that but more really sometimes pale yellow, sometimes light gray, sometimes black, sometimes white), floaty black dots, hovering cloud like things, shadows that slip around the corner type things. Now in my first house, we had A ghost, meaning one. In this apartment, its doesn't feel like one entity, but rather like we are in a train station and there are just strangers milling about.

In addition to seeing these things, there are times I can hear someone whispering... though I cannot make out the words and when I approach it disappears and I have not been able to capture it on a voice recorder.  Personally, I think its just someone playing with the cat.  That is the only thing I have heard it say is "here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty"... I thought my son had gotten up early and I was going to speak with him and found out he wasn't there.

No, I am not on any medications. No, I am not frightened by these presences.
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

The only bad experience I've had was with a spirit that haunted an apartment complex that I once lived in. It occurred around 3AM and I was sound asleep, that is until I felt a big heavy hand push down on my shoulder and a gruff male voice yell "Hey!" in my ear.I sat up startled and shocked because that had never happened before. I said in a stern and angry voice;" Don't EVER do that again!" and they never did. Don't you have a guardian spirit? Call on them if you can, they can block a lot of disrespectful spirits.

I agree that there is a difference between guardian angels and regular spirits and I have seen both as well. I encounter spirits from time to time, as well as,my Guardian angel. Both have appeared to me through out my life. I can tell the difference between the two by whether they speak to me or not. Only my guardian angel speaks to me, the other spirits don't. The spirits look like everybody else to me except that they never say a word. Even if I speak to them, they don't say a word. I believe that my guardian angel forbids them from talking to me so that I don't freak out and so that I'm not confused between the two.

I think its interesting that you replied to this now... as there have been some very strange things going on in my apartment this past week! My daughter and I came home the other day to find the word "die" writtin on our patio door. We live in a second floor apartment, and the patio beneath us is fenced in thus securing out balcony... would be difficult for someone to get up there. I am terrified, but still not afraid. I will slay this demon, just as soon as I figure out how. :D