My Ghost Experiences

the first time i saw a ghost was when i was in year 10. i was watching "the blair witch project" which i found to be highly irritating and very boring (and PLEASE keep that in mind, as well as the fact that there are not ghosts in the blair which project) so i turned it off and went to go back to bed. I saw him in the hallway, staring at me, and i just stood and stared right back. He was one of the most beautiful little boys i've ever seen, like a child model. Blonde hair and blue eyes, in full colour and shape.then he looked to the side and ran off, and i walked down the hall and peered to where he had run to see nobody. I'd always asumed that if i ever saw a ghost that i would be totally cool, excited and curious. But (as predictable as it sounds) you dont just SEE themm you can FEEL them and their presence, and it's not quite what you'd expect. it's not like a "I'm being watched" feeling, it's cold, you skin feels like.. it's vibrating or something. It really is quite unexplainable. And so instead of being calm and surprised i went running into my parents room like a little girl. Unfortunately, nobody believed me, because of the fact that i had been watching that stupid movie. I WAS BORED OUT OF MY SKULL, AND NOTHING SCARY HAD HAPPENED YET!!! my mind was on my homework i hadn't done. but it doesn't matter if they didnt believe me, because it was my experience.

The next house that i lived in, i started noticing things, and my best friend did too. I never saw the ghost there, but we knew that there was one. When i first sensed it was there, it was after a rather scary affair of my windows opening and my lights flickering and such things, so i was actually scared. It takes quite alot to scare me, too.

Over time, i got used to the happenings in my room, and me and my friend would make jokes about the ghost and blame it for unexplainable things. I guess it would be what you'd call a poltergiest, as it was noisy and liked to move things. It would knock things over and move things to a different place, turn my screen or tv on and off, open my window, these kinds of things. my wardrobe doors were constantly being opened, and my friend and i would close them and put a chair in front or something just to see if they could still open. we never saw them open, but if we left the room for just a moment, like to go to the loo or get a drink, when we returned the doors would be open. i often heard rattling or scratching noises, and we had the roof checked out because i often heard what sounded like breaking wood. i would also hear whispers sometimes as i was trying to sleep, and once awoke to the sound of a childrens counting game i had under my bed. i could hear the sounds of the music, counting out cookies and the sound of a correct guess. i got up and found it, but when i tried to take it away something grabbed my wrist. I have.. ENDLESS stories about that room, and I know it's not in my head becuse other people who stayed noticed them too, even if i didnt tell them.

unfortunately i've moved away now, and this house i live in now hasn't had the slightest hint of any activity. but because of that noisy ghost i am more spiritually aware.


oh, i've also seen ghosts at Maitland Gaol. I stayed overnight for Friday 13th sleepover party with a bunch of people, and we had a tour during the night and then a psycic took us up high and showed us how to recognise a spirit, and she helped us with out photos and showed us how to tell the difference between an orb or spirit and some film defect. not that it mattered, because most of our cameras and torches wouldn't work properly. but before she even began, and we were all gathering and waiting for her to talk, i notice i could see a white shadow moving, first just a head, then shoulders, then to his waist. I also looked into the chapel and saw a lady at the window. alot of people have seen things at that jail, I dont have a doubt in my mind that that there are spirits dwelling there. i'd love to meet other australians who have been there, because 1/5 people who have been have seen a spirit there and 1/3 people have a spooky story.

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I'm confused are ghosts real or fake because people keep saying this stories and it seems real and fake at the same time I'm just really confused and does that mean I can talk to my baby sis who died?


Wow, you've had a lot of experiences, I envy you in a way. xD I've never been in a poltiergiest situation before, and if I was I think I would be scared out of my skin. x.x I've had a few crazy experiences with the house I live in now, at first I could pass it off but now its gotten crazy x.x

hey i've had the same thing but i would lock the door to go somewhere and then the closet would be open when i had left it close i spooked and jst maked that ghost my. I would usally leave something everyday on the floor and would be on another place. My friend would not dare to go inside my room not even my family. Exactly NOBODY would dare exept me. Woa ya im srry you had to deal with.

Wow! I've had TONS of things happened to me, but that's scary. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with that.

About moving things....I've had a couple of things like friend (Anna) said she was round at a sleepover with her friend, and her friend just went to the loo, and Anna arranged some dolls on the window sill, then walked out her room (not sure why) and came back in and all the things (they were something like bears or dolls or something) were all in a different order ......When my friend tells me her experience she gets so scared that sometimes she has tears in her eyes......But i havn't had many major experiences yet

ive had some ghost experiences myself and lived in 2 haunted houses. You can read all about my stories on my blog if you want. Too long of a story to explain here. I believe in the paranormal and have had experiences since I was 3 or 4 yrs old. <br />

that's what i thought. My friend and I dubbed the ghost "stephanie" because i had a bear called stephanie which was being moved alot. in a way, i kind of came to look at the bear as her toy, because not only was it moved alot but if i moved the bear or put it away, my room would get messed up or all my drawers and doors would be open, like she was looking for it.<br />
<br />
I most certainly couldn't get it to do things on command, otherwise i would like to have happenings occur in front of other people. there is only one friend who ever noticed that things had happened he couldn't explain, and I'm lucky he isn't too skeptic or he mightn't have believed me anyway.

I have had many expereinces with the paranormal but nothing like you had in your room. I would have loved to have had those experiences. I wonder if you tried to get the spirit to do things on command? It sounds like a child spirit, don't you think??

This was an excellent story. The first I've read on this entire site. I am actually sitting up on my own ("haunted") house reading others' stories. I've had numerous experiences here, but I feel very protected by the spirits here, so never in danger. <br />
<br />
I can also identify with your disappointment of moving to a place with no activity. I'm currently living in my childhood home (which is over a century old), but I had lived in other houses and it was always disappointing when things were just too "quiet". I'm happy to be back here, though there's not a lot of activity here lately. But that's ok. I know I'm being looked after here...

I'd really like to visit Maitland Gaol... I've only seen it on youtube...