Cousin Spanked At 15

I came to village to my Aunt and cousins 2 years later. My older cousin Olya has visibly changed – taller by three inches, her breasts became grew from AA to a good B, and her butt became more round. She tried to act like an adult (as she thought) – she began going for evening parties in the village club and constantly broke the rules of Auntie – being home for curfew, 11 PM. She usually was late for 20-30 minutes, and got a light spankings for this at her bedroom, but Auntie obviously was losing her patience and the final drop was when she was at home only by 0:30 PM, not even warning her mom about this intention. So Auntie decided to give a lesson to her daughter.

As I said before, it was 0:30 pm, al the family was gathered - me (14 then), Aunt, my younger sister Olesya and my younger cousin (Olya’s brother) Vitya – he became obviously curious about girls and couldn't miss such a possibility to look at, so he was at doors, though it was bedtime for him. Olya was obviously shocked with what was coming. She began asking her mom: "not in front of them", "please, it's a shame, I almost adult", "I will be degraded, the small (she meant 11-yo) will tell". and even "I will run away", but she didn't of course. But it didn't bothered Auntie. She ordered her to take off shorts and panties to her ankles and bend over the bench was opposite the doors and table, where all we seat so she was her behind to us.

Olya was sobbing, I bet she wanted to cry loudly of embarrassment, but she wanted to look like adult, even at this position. She would resist if she could but Aunty was really strong woman used to physical labor so Olya knew - there were no use in it, so she took her pants and panties down to her ankles and climbed on the bench while crying, she was in short top, so she hadn't to tug it up to belly. When taking her panties she turned back to us, though she knew that this trick (turning back) wouldn’t protect her but she instinctively did this, wow her *** was really round and plump like adult one, but not fat. Shaking of sobs Olya bend over the bench, leaned on her elbows head down, so her head wasn’t that far below her bottom.

I was just interested seeing how did she look sike between her legs, to compare with her at 13, as I saw how her AA breast grew into B-size. When she bent over she he legs were together but despite of thin I saw shade of slit and few fair hair peeking from dark crotch but when first spanks of Auntie switch landed on her bottom befor, cousin began arching her a.s, spreading and even rising her legs like a peeing dog
So I got to see all: if at 13 (the last time I saw it before) she had her lips bare, now there were two hairy traces around her outer lips. Her inner lips were visible, when she raised her legs at the end (when pain became unbearable), and then, closer to her as.hole, I could see the dark cave. I was "educated" then, compared to me at 12, and knew that it was probably her vagina entrance. I saw hair traces around her lips and hints of hair forest at the shades of light. My 11 yo cousin was greening all his 32-teeth and his eyes were like hungry cat – such a luck for boys in his early teens, he will be popular among his friends - seeing naked developed girl

While spanking Auntie repeated one phrase: "never ne late" a number of times. Auntie raised her hand but not very high, and Olya lost her mask of " adult" and began crying loudly and uncontrollably. After 10-th she begged "stop, please, too painful", she bounced, and clenching and unclenching her cheek, arching her back, and trying to kick , on her buttocks appeared two-three wide stripes of read, because the strokes landed almost at the same point.

When Olya finally got her 15 strokes, she got up, still loudly crying and began turning around puckering her face, baring teeth between crying, and shutting her eyes tightly rubbing, but when she touched raised welt her pain intensified and she jerked away her hands with a loud moan, she turned in circles and she was stampinh her feet. When she did this we got a final sight of her front she got a full bush of dark-blond hair which spread all over her pubis. At the center hair were thicker and curlier at the sides – more wispy.
Finally after 40 sec. dance Olya put on her panties and shorts (when the cloth touched her butt, there was a new loud moan through clenched teeth), then she left the room without word giving me and her brother destroying looks .

Later this evening we discussed with Vitya (11 old cousin) what just had seen (as we slept in one room). Here is our dialog:
me: your sister changed a lot since that summer
he: yes, she did
then he told me, that he saw her spanked 4 or 5 times for this two years, last - three months before it.
Then he said when she was 14 in summer she was spanked in one piece swimming costume, and was fully naked in front of him.
I asked about her breasts, he said, that they were like half-grapefruits, round, and funny jiggling when hanging down during spanking
Then we returned to the spanking we had seen:
me: she got a lot of hair as well
he: yes, and her is really cute
me: this is called vulva, you have to know
he: and what else you know
me: that hairy puffs around slit are outer lips, pink flashes between them are inner lips
he: hm-m, I just wonder how guy can insert his d..k there
me: who did learn you this obnoxious vocabulary, did you saw the cave at the top of that ""
he: yes, and what
me: it is beginning of her tight channel. when she is arouse it become lubricated and widens
he: wow, you such a clever cool person

then he asked me about my sister, I told him about the color shape and texture of her pubes at 14 (almost full bush), that her inner lips are more prominent tat of his cousins, then I suspected that he was j...g off, I asked him about it, he answered yes. I didn't mean cause it usual for boys, especially after seeing this one. I said ok, finished with telling about my sisters, and then we wish goodnight each other and got asleep.
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Fantastic spanking. .......
your cousin Olya must be really embarrassed. did she talked about it after spanking....

Thanks for comments and likes, Tommy. She was ashamed to talk to us (boys) about it. I would like to chat with you about your experiences.