Note From My Cousin On Her Caning!

Until I was twenty-nine I had never had any romantic affairs with the opposite sex.
I was a very plain girl and my association with men was confined to playing tennis and at work.
Then I met a man at my office who was looking for a room, and as my parents had one they wished to let, I took him home.

Living in the same house, we saw a lot of each other.
We were getting along fine until I had too much to drink at a party and made a fool of myself in front of his friends.
The next day he was very cool towards me, and though I apologized I didn’t get any response from him.
But I had fallen for him by now and was determined to get him no matter what I had to do.

So I told him I would prefer a tanning to the way he was behaving.
He said, “Don’t tempt me or I might just take you at your word, and you’d be very sorry.”
I went to my father’s workshop and found a short length of rubber tubing. When I returned, I pushed my boyfriend onto a chair and handed him the rubber tubing.

Then I slipped my panties down and tucked up my skirt and lay over his knees.
My bottom made a shapely and attractive target, at which he stared for quite a while.
Then he came to life and laid it on thick and heavy for about five minutes.

I squirmed a lot but did not make much fuss, although my bottom was flaming red and very sore. He let me get up and then excused himself, going to his room.
When he returned he had changed his trousers—and I found out afterwards it was because he had **********.
The unexpected excitement of administering correction in this fashion was too much for him.
He was very pleased with me and made a lot of fuss over me.

He also warned me that I would get the same treatment if I offended again, and I replied that he could tan me any time I deserved it as long as he never nagged me or quarreled.

I am sure that first smacking was the reason for his proposing.
Soon after we were married, one of my friends presented me with a cane tied with blue ribbon. It was meant as a joke, for me to use to keep my husband in order; but the reverse was the case and it was used on my bare bottom frequently over a period of seventeen years.
This was the main reason that we had a good marriage and enjoyed a full sex life.
No matter what I did to annoy my husband, a short, sharp session with the cane put him in good humor again.

They say men are divided into three groups, those who like legs, those who like breasts, and those who prefer bottoms.
My husband is definitely a “bottoms” man. He never got tired of mine and enjoyed using it for intercourse as a variation, though I preferred to climb onto him and help myself.

In conclusion, having always watched my diet, at the age of forty-nine I now measure 37-26-38.
My bottom is a little plumper but still shapely and the skin is still very smooth, without a wrinkle.
What a pity nature didn’t plan to have one’s face wear as well.
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61-65, M
Dec 6, 2012