Cousin Gets The Belt.

When I was about 12, I was at my aunt's with my (male) cousin of about the same age. His older sister, who was about 16 or 17, had been caught shoplifting with a friend of hers and my uncle was preparing to give her the belt.

We were in the room and told to stay to watch. She was ordered to get her jeans and knickers down and bend over the back of a chair. (A position I'd had to adopt a few times for a slippering.) I don't know what she had stolen but, whatever it was, it couldn't have been worth the leathering she got. She was fighting back tears before he even started and was crying profusely by about the 3rd or 4th stroke - yelling loudly as each lashed across her bare bottom. I don't know how many she got, I didn't keep count or, if I did, I've forgotten. When it was over she was told to stand facing the wall with her bare bottom on display. I doubt she would have been able to pull her knickers and jeans up anyway - when she was dismissed to her room she just pulled them up enough to avoid tripping over them.

My uncle told us that now we knew what would happen if we ever got caught shoplifting. It must have made a good impression on me because, when I was older, even though I knew girls who did shoplift, I never did it myself and made certain I never got involved with them.

I heard later that her friend also got a bare bottom belting for it.

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as they should have

A good belting has that effect , I can see why if made a good impression on you .Watching one knowing your next next is worse .

hi great storie again

i am sure it did seeing one get spank for something naughty it tends to stay in your mind
when i spank my girls one gets spank the toher watches to learn what will happen

My brother and I usually saw each other get spanked - mainly because we were both up for it.

when i was spank my sister saw me get it

Did you also see her get spanked?

i understand

I wonder if the girl who received the belting ever shoplifted again as it sounds like a chastisement not to be forgotten as it certainly seemed to have made a impression on you.

I see that you felt that your punishments were beneficial.
Are they still beneficial or have they now ceased?
If they are a thing of the past , do you wish that they were not?

I still get the cane or slipper when I'm naughty.

Do you indeed? I presume it is not your Dad who does it these days

No, my husband took the job on.

A true labour of love!

Not that I'm aware of but my husband knows how to make my bottom sting.

that is good adults do need spankings
and it is good your husband takes cane to you still

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Interesting and how embarrassing for her to get it bare in front of younger kids.

yes it may be embarrassing but the other children learn from your experience

My older sister got caught shoplifting with 3 of her friends at 14. Stupid, too. They stole popsicles. They all got exactly what your cousin got. Parents took stealing very seriously. My sister was bent over the couch bare from the waist down and my dad just blistered her rear. I felt a little sorry for her, but since I was 13 years old, also quite enjoyed the view, especially the after spanking, high stepping, very animated, dance. I found out from my mom that all the other girls got exactly what my sister got.

She spanky danced for you without her panties?

Well, I don't think it was for me, personally.

The correct punishment in my view for disgraceful and utterly dishonest behavior! And correct yes in make you watch to send clear and very firm warning of what would happen (and still should might I add!!) to those who feel it is ok to commit theft! As MasterLee said a truly "heinous" offense which deserved nothing but a severely thrashed bare backside!

Dishonesty to such a degree of shoplifting has to be dealt with in the harshest possible way in the hopes that the culprit never again thinks this kind of behavior is ok!

I agree, she deserved every stroke. They lived in a small village where everyone looked out for and trusted each other. Her dishonesty was an attack on the social mores of the local community.

Her younger brother and I were slippered several times for "scrumping" but for some reason that was never considered very serious - just "kids getting into mischief". I think it would have been different if we had stolen fruit from the farm shop but just pinching a couple of apples off a tree was just "being naughty".

Hmm well firstly I am please you at least agree this insolent and scurrilous young lady did indeed deserve every last stroke however your remark "pinching a few apples" was just naughty ... maybe so but it was still theft! And so rightly so nipped in the bud with a firm slippering which hopefully stopped further "deviant" behavior developing.

Children do get into mischief and therein faced the consequences that are so lacking into today's "liberal" society! As I said to someone else today elders are afraid to so much look at a child or teen in the wrong way for fear of retribution from the nanny state let alone thrash them. God forbid that would bring out the child psychologists in droves. The only child psychologists we had at school was a very thick long rattan cane and X Large slipper applied with full force to the bottoms of the insolent and disobedient! We understood its value all too well.

I feel your slipperings were warranted and if the rod had been used this would not have been over the top.

I agree scrumping is still theft but that didn't seem to be how our parents and even local farmers saw it. It just merited a slippering.

We had the same type of "child psychologists" at my school but "Mr Rattan" wasn't as thick as you describe. Ours was quite thin, very whippy and stung like the blazes. I had several appointments with him but I met his assistant, "Mr X L Slipper", a lot more often.

Well maybe I was a little over enthusiastic with my description of the rods and canes used in those days gone by. But long and whippy they were and yes stung like nothing same as it does today with the rod I use on mine when they are defiant.

I am happy that you had met both these implements seems like you benefited greatly from such upbringing as I do sense a certain amount of cockiness in you that no doubt was all the more evident in your youth. Therein firm measures and handling were needed. I respect your parents choice of punishment for the "so called scrumping" also still known as taking something which belongs not to you = Stealing ;)

You were no doubt a challenge to those in charge.

Another point to note your cousin should be thankful all she got was a thrashing. As it was not too long ago that if she had committed such a gross offense she could well have found herself hauled off to a council run remand school! Where the moto run along the lines of "bare them bend them and cane them" because in such institutions it is historical fact that although not part of the local council regulations that offenders where indeed subject to corporal punishment adminsterd on the bare buttocks right up until I think the age of 17 for both male and female.

I'll admit I was a cheeky little sod when I was younger. I still am, Mr Rattan wasn't able to cure that but he did instil some discipline. You're right that firm measures were needed with me, they are for most girls. I always laugh at those who think girls are naturally well behaved and need to be handled gently.

Indeed Madam Indeed and by your profile age you herald from the same era as my good self (almost give or take a few years) where rules where in place with consequences and we had to respect our elders. I commend your free and open attitude with regards to the female gender and in fact If I may take that one step further. Far from females being well behaved and need to be handled "gently" the handling was and should be severe enough to reprimand and correct as many a female can hide under the guise of a sweet innocent smile while lurking behind the prettiness is deviance and rebellion. In boys also and I do wish to sound sexist. I was no saint either.

But a girls bottom no matter if bared or not is resilient and no harm can come from heavy application of slipper belt or when needed rod. As you yourself testify to. Here you are some years later not an emotional wreck because of "so called abusive treatment" which is what parental corporal discipline is today deemed. But a thriving ( I hope) individual with a good gift with the written word may I add.

did you receive Mr Rattan or his assistant across your bare bum too and was it in class or privately

At school I received Mr Rattan across my knickers several times in the Head's. office and his assistant, Mr X L Slipper, across my knickers even more often in front of the class.

At home, I frequently got a different Mr Slipper across my bare bottom.

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Judy, thanks for sharing this experience. You are a pretty fast learner "Bad deeds brings painful consequences" and your 16 year old cousin and her friend truly deserved the punishment.

A very logical discipline for a heinous offense. I am glad he got to the bottom of the problem.