My First Experience

Since my childhood, I had a thing about Embarrassed Nude Females. I believe, maybe it’s because I had been exposed to that kind of situation so many times in my life. I will post my favorites here, in time.

One “sub-category” of ENF I like the most are Embarrassed Nude Moms. I always found interesting how teenage boys act embarrassed when other boys see their moms naked. And I think it’s even worse when the mom herself is embarrassed.

From my 9 to 14, I have seen 5 moms ENF-ed. And had seen my own mom ENF-ed by my friends two times!! When I say ENF I mean completely naked or at least bottomless and truly embarrassed, for I had spied on and seen many up-skirts as well, but that’s another thing.

What I’m gonna write here, is a literary memory of my first experience:

I remember as it was yesterday. Me and my friend Zakk were both 9 year old, not old enough to be sexually pursuing, but this days, kids learn very fast. I remember will used to go up his tree house and see some adult magazines we “stole” from our fathers. We did, nothing but watch and talk silly.

We soon started to wonder if the girls on the pics were not embarrassed about being seen naked. And, been two naïve young boys, we concluded the girls were not posing but actually were caught in that state of undress LOL. We then started wondering about their probable reaction.

I don’t remember how the subject was brought on, but at some point we started to tease each other, talking about our moms. Talking about their possible reaction if one of us ever sees the other’s naked. I got my self thinking that it would be worse if my mom as embarrassed.

He teased me, saying that he would take photos of her, like the magazines and stuff. And it went on for a while until the point he was actually bullying me with that.

At some point I requested a break and said “We’re out of soda”. So we left the Tree-house, crossed the yard and went on through the living room to the kitchen. And so it happened…

Standing by the freezer, completely naked, was his mom. Looking like one of the women from the magazine. He noticed a second before me and tried desperately to make me came back from where I came. But it was too late. I saw her lovely butt as she had her back turned to us. She must have thought we were already sleeping and wouldn’t come back until morning for she was a very modesty woman.

“Let’s come back!” he said quietly
“No!” I replied not daring taking my eyes of her “I want to see her *****”
“Stop it!” he was almost crying, trying to cover my eyes.
His mom soon noticed our presence and her reaction, in my opinion as priceless. First she turn to us instinctively, so I could get a beautiful sight of her **** and *****. She was smoking hot, with nice breasts and a small bush. She was so embarrassed and with nothing near that could use to cover that, instead of run for it, risking to expose herself even more, she decided to squat, holding her knees. It’s true it covered most of her privates, but her nakedness was still obvious and she could not run or hide. She was at my mercy. I was the one to decide how much I would like to worse her embarrassment. I felt empowered.
“Hi Joe” She said to me, trying to smile but her face was bright red. “Zakk, could you and your friend excuse me for a moment.”
Zakk couldn’t make a reaction.
“Please Joe” She insisted, struggling to cover. Desperation sounding in her voice. “You’re a big man, you’ve seen a naked girl before, right? You know how we look like. You don’t have to see me, right? I’ll buy dozens of magazines with naked women to you. I promise! I’m gonna get up now. Please don’t look at me!”

And so she got up and I never saw a woman run so fast. Of course, I had a GOOD look of EVERYTHING. Even following her to the hall entrance, to see her butt as she ran to her room. The last one.

Zakk was a little strange with me after that, and we ended up loosing contact.

That’s it. Tell me if you liked it.

More to come, as soon as possible.
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3 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Amazing! can you share the moment when your mom was naked?

you should have put out your p-e-n-i-s and started j-e-rk-ing in front of her

good one ..........tell more if they really happened ;)