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Drunk Buddy

I was out one night with a very close straight friend. We usually pub-hop and he hardly get wasted. That particular evening, he was a little depressed over his job and started drinking a lot. Before I knew it, he was completely drunk and could not walk a straight line. I had to support him out of the bar with the help of the waiters. While we were waiting for a cab by the road, he got sick and threw up all over himself and me. Sh**! He was dead-man's weight and there was no way I could carry him home as he lives in a walk-up apartment, so I brought him back to mine.

After I got him home and threw him in my bed, I said to him "Nat, I have to remove yr dirty clothes before u soil my bed, ok?" He grunted and I took that as a sign he understood. So I took off his vomit shirt and started to unbuckle his pants. What i didn't expect was there was no brief nor boxers underneath!. He lifted his hips and kicked off his pants in a jiffy like he was annoyed. There he was, completely naked in my bed! I have seen him many times in boxers but this is the first. I was completely turned on and thought "sh**! how am i going to sleep tonight with nat beside me in a buff??!!" I mean he is absolutely gorgeous to look at, muscled with nice chest, great washboard abs and a very nice ****.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night. I was rock hard with him sleeping next to me naked and fighting very hard not to touch him. I didn't want to be inappropriate and I cherish this friend too much to do something stupid. But we were after all in the same bed and occasionally his naked body will brush against mine. At one point, he turned over and laid on his stomach and caught my hand underneath his crotch. My mind just went absolutely crazy with his soft **** in my hand!!!

With very little sleep, I got up in the morning with a full erection from the entire night. I quickly jumped into the shower before he woke up to cool myself down. Half way through, the shower curtain was suddenly drawn back and I nearly screamed. Nat stood there naked holding his dirty clothes and asked, "what happened to my clothes?" "Man, you threw up last night."
He grunted, threw the clothes on the floor and stepped into the shower. I was in shocked and embarrassed, as it was the first time we were naked in full view of each other. And he didn't seem to care at all. As I moved aside for him to use the running water, my **** suddenly bounced back up alive and brushed against his butt. Nat turned around and looked at my erection, and I was totally embarrassed!!! Before I could cover my erection, he slapped my **** and laughed "Oh stop it!". Of course I can't stop that, so for the rest of the shower, I was just fully erect with Nat laughing every time my **** brushed against his hip. "will you please just Stop it?!!"
"Sorry nat, I can't!"
"Oh u are disgusting"
"Just Shut up"
lushian lushian 36-40 16 Responses Feb 27, 2011

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I'm str8, but the first time I seen my best naked while I was, it did get the blood flowing. I was semi-erect as was he. We were both cool with it. We later had seen each other naked with roaring hard-ons when we were tag teaming a woman!

That's so damn hot!

I wouldn't worry about it being awkward for him from here on out. Obviously he is comfortable around you and you behaved appropriately. He probably has no idea that it would even worry you.

Great story! Any naked time together after this incident?

I would have gone down on him as soon as I took his clothes off. would not have cared if he stayed soft. After all, you knew him for 10 years whats a little **** sucking among friends?

It's quite a lot when it's non-consensual. Aka rape.

Fun for ****. Not in real life.

Wow! That story is so similar to mine I thought it was. Except I am the str8 drunk friend and I didn't join him in the shower. I did kinda freak when I woke up naked in his bed tho! Actually I usually wake up stroking my wood-which I did this morning as well. When I opened my eyes and realized where I was my **** went limp. Haha. I know this sounds funny but I checked my *** for signs of "entry". Lol. We never talked about it and it's pretty embarrassing to think he saw my junk as he undressed me. Oh well. That's what booze will do!

Aaaawww... i've always wondered how it's like on his side... i hope it hasn't been awkward since. Me and Nat still have a great friendship going on. Hope it's the same for you :)

This is such a hot story! :)

Reverse it, you got drunk with a straight women and passed out, woke the next day with her saddle backing you. would you still be good friends?

that has never crossed my mind. i think i'll be utterly embarrassed and probably awkward for a while. but there is no reason not to remain as friends. that aside, i definitely wouldn't join her in the shower in the first place.

wish it was me. showered w/ gay buddies before ie, gym, beach,or group sleep over; but never w/ a straight friend. i'm sure i would be hard too. esp. if he was an attractive sexy looking friend. at any rate i have not really had any straight friends since highschool/college.

I'm with bambam...your friend sounds pretty cool...

LOL funny!

that story is perfect as is. total hot. i don't think i would have done anything either, cause having that reality of my hot straight friend naked , unconsious, in bed w/ me would be a set of memories that i would consider a fulfilling fantasy that i would not want altered. sex, i can have sex w/ nearly any gay man.

Cool friends are great. I love that he has not problem with his sexuality or yours.

I would have "accidentally" made more contact with him leaving him with a definate choice.

Thanks guys but should I really have done something different? We've known each other for over 10 years, and he has never treated me any different nor showed any "special" interest. I doubt he wanted to try something with me. I'm just one of his mates that happens to be gay.

I think I would have tried to do something. There is no way I would let a good hard **** go to waste.

Funny. He might have been hoping for you to make a move on him.