Too Much

Mel and I have been the best of friends since we were 10. I stood up for her when she got married. One evening she invited me back to her apartment to chit-chat. Her husband was napping so she went bedroom door and told him that she had a friend over, “so don't come out in your box shorts.” Half asleep, with ear plugs in, it registered his wife said something to him, but what? So he trotts out into the living room, to ask her what she told him, butt naked! 

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What a clever man he was to take advantage of the situation.

No, he had NO me, I know him. He was so embrassed he couldn't talk to me for months, LOL. His wife on the other hand was very amused at our expressions, she laughed so hard she almost peed herself!

It is, it really is just one of those moments in life :P It`s even more funny, because my friend was so amused by it, but her husband was so embrassed, he couldn`t talk to me for the longest time!!!

Honestly, I covered my eyes the second I realized he was butt naked. He was married to my best friend! Bah, we practically related!!!

Yes, my best friend laughed so hard, she almost peed her pants :P

hahaha, oops!

I never saw my friend laugh so hard in her life!!!!

@Sue, oh, I only saw him once, second time was just now when myephaunts virutally flashed me, LOL, who does he think he's fooling :)

ooooops!*puts down sheet* sorry that was an accident too..................or a liehehehhe!

LOL; only the first time was an accident!

*raises up sheet and does a shaky shaky dance*-there two friends hehehehehehe!