Supper At The Neighbors

My wife left right after work to go to my daughters and stay overnite, as they are making candy tomorrow, Saturday. I was deer hunting most of day and when I got home, was not to keen on the idea of making supper. I noticed that the answering machine was blinking and played back the message, it was our neighbor Amalia, and asked if I would like to come to their house for supper. I called her back and told her I would be glad to come down, as soon as I showered and she told me that would be fine. I quickly did my chores and showered, grabbing a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine as my contribution for supper.

I arrived at Amalia’s house and rang the bell, the door opened and as I stepped in, her husband, Paul welcomed me. I was quite glad to see he was nude.  He explained that he and Amalia had been going nude at home most of time since they had such good experiences at my house that they had quit wearing clothes. Paul made the comment how much it cost them as they had to buy some drapes for the living room, as It faced the main road and their house is quite close. I told him I was glad that they had enjoyed the experience and were continuing to enjoy themselves.  


We came into the dining room and proceeded to the kitchen to greet the hostess who was just starting to mash the potatoes, which I quickly offered to do, so she could get to make the gravy. Paul busied himself with setting the table and opening the wine.  Paul carved the roast and we sat down to enjoy the meal.


As we were finishing up the meal, Amalia said we would just clear the table and rinse the dishes; she would load the dishwasher after. We moved to the living room to enjoy our wine and chat. We finished up the wine and Amalia served coffee and some pie. We chatted for a bit longer and I told them I had to be leaving as I had a number of things to do before bed. I told them that next time it would be wife and I who would be the host and hostess which they agreed to.

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61-65, M
Nov 30, 2012