What's A Little Nudity Amoung Friends?

I worked at a job for many years that was dirty. Most of the guys showered before going home, so being naked in front of people I knew wasn't a big deal.
I have a friend from school that I'm still close with, and see on occation. In fact he has ****** my ex-wife on more than one occation. He got remarried a couple of years ago, after he moved back in the area. My ex and I had an argument and I left before things got ugly. I called my friend to see if I could hang out for a while before going to find a motel room for the night.
When I got there he said that I could stay the night if I wanted, as they had a spare bedroom I could use. I agreed, and thanked them both. I jokingly told them that I had no pajama's to wear, so I would be sleeping in the nude, as I hadn't packed anything before leaving. They both laughed, and said they did too.
My friend was of slender build, but his wife was a little on the plump side, but not heavy. She was a nice looking lady, and took good care of herself. This was only the 3rd time I had met her, and figured she had a bit of a wild side if he married her.
The bedrooms were across the hall from each other, and the bathroom next to the one I was in. My friend had commented that the air conditioner wasn't working to good, so it may get a little warm in the night,and to leave the door open a crack, as they would leave the ceiling fans run in the living room, and in their bedroom.
I left the door about half way open when I went to bed. I ******** down, got into bed and covered myself with the sheet. During the night I had to get up to use the bathroom. I had no trouble finding my way as they kept a night light on in the hallway. As I left the room, I seen my friend coming from the bathroom, and having the light on in there it lit up the hallway some, as he opened the door. We were both standing there completely naked, which we had seen each other before. I went in did my thing, and come out to see he had went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. The kitchen light really lit up the hall way, and we were very visable to each other, and I found out later to his wife who was awake, and taking in the show.
When he turned to face me I could see his uncut **** was semi-erect, and for some strange reason, this got the blood flowing in my own. I could feel my **** starting to get thicker, and longer, but not hard yet. He asked if I was sleeping ok and I said I was,but it was a little warm.
The longer we talked the more he looked me over, and the more his **** was growing. By the time he headed back to their bedroom ,his **** was standing straight out in front of him.
I went back to bed, and fell asleep on top of the covers.
I was awakened, by the sound of voices, in the morning, as the 2 of them told me that the coffee was ready. When I opened my eyes, they were both standing next to the bed totally naked. Though she had a bit of a tummy, her **** were full, nipples large, and her pubic hair neatly trimmed, and a nice firm round ***.
They went to the kitchen, as they were, so I went to the kitchen as I was , naked. My **** was soon getting hard, as was his. She was warming up as well, as you could see her nipples sticking out, and her ***** hair getting wet.
We had our coffee, and she invited us to the bedroom. My friend ****** his wife while she jacked me off. He *** in her just before I unloaded on him and her as well. I *** with a huge load that made a mess of the 3 of us. He had dropped a big load in her too, as it was running out of her. I've stopped by their place afterward, and if they are in a state of underss they stay that way, and somtimes I join them. Some times it leads to sex some times not. Just nudity amougn friends.

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Jan 15, 2013