Oh Ya

Once at a friends house, I was sitting in the living room and my friend was outside on the grill. We were all drinking and his wife ( a very conservative woman) had a lot of wine in her. She went upstairs for a bit ( dont know why) when she came down she was in her underwear and carrying a shirt. I said " hey, nice" and she just acted like it was no big deal and put her shirt on. I still think about how hot it was that she didnt care that I saw her, very nice
Russhour Russhour
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

She probably satisfied a sexual fantasy of her's..and perhaps her husband's, letting you get a seemingly unanticipated peek. Hey, nothing wrong with that. I'm in total support of any other gals who care to "tease" like that. Any time, any place. I'm good with it. Unexpected, gratuitous nudity is always fun, especially in situations where it's not expected or common.

It was definitely the booze and she does have a naughty side. She and my wife have madeout after being dared to, but again booze was involved