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I Saw My Best's Friend Wife Naked In The Past.

It happened a long time ago, before they got married.

We were having a nice weekend at the parent's house of a girl I was dating. There was my best friend and his girlfriend, that girl and me.

It was a hot summer night, we had a BBQ and many beers, so being a bit drunk I thought we could have some fun skinny dipping in the pool they had, and I make a dare to them. My friend was keen with the idea from the first moment, but the girls refused the dare. Being a flasher like I am, I didn't think twice, I took off my trunks and jumped into the pool, exposing my naked butt to the girls. My friend did the same and there was the two of us swimming naked.

We invited the girls to join us, and they agreed, but wearing their bikinis. After some good playing, we complained to the girls it wasn't fair we were naked while they were still with their bikinis on. I knew my girlfriend was a brave girl, but she needed some encouragement and maybe some help to take off her clothes. I approached her and while kissing her I undid the straps of her top, she smiled me and I know I had her permission to continue. I lifted her top and threw it outside the pool leaving her **** exposed. Then I put my hands on her bottom waist and slipped it down to her ankles and threw it outside the pool too. Now she was fully naked.

My friend didn't miss anything. She looked at her girlfriend and said -Are you going to be the only one not to be nude here?-. She shrugged, and the lifted up her arms giving her boyfriend full access to take off her bikini, what he obviously did.

It was pretty dark, since the house lights were a bit far from the pool, but I had a good view of her big **** and a hint of her trimmed ***** below the water. 

Just a bit after, we agreed it was time to leave the pool. My friend and I were the first to get out of the water, and we stayed on the border leaving them a full frontal. The girls asked us to give them the back their bikinis bottoms to get out too, what we obviously refused.

My girlfriend climbed the pool stairs showing us her bald *****, that made my friend give a WOW. Then, his girlfriend climbed to the border of the pool on the opposite side giving us a great view of her rounded bubble butt, she turned around and covering her crotch with her hands came where we were and surprisingly lifted her hands letting us see her in all her glory.

We dried ourselves and continued chatting not bothering to cover anyone, and after a while each couple went to their room, still nude, to have a great ****.

Unfortunately that was the only time I saw her nude, but I still remember like it was yesterday.

Now, there's nothing I would like more than letting him see my wife naked. We had a chance last summer, when staying at my inlaws house having a similar setting, a hot night, some drinks and without kids. We repeated the skinny dipping dare, but we didn't succeed. Well, at least me and my friend skinny dipped and had a nice CFNM session with them, but that's another story.

JCSP22 JCSP22 41-45, M Jan 4, 2011

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