Showered With My Friend's Wife

It has always amazed me how far a little inuendo and joking can go sometimes. This is a true story of just how far things can sometimes go in that situation.
My wife and I were visiting some friends of ours in another state for the weekend many years ago. It was a very nice Saturday afternoon and we were all hanging around their house relaxing before planning to go out to dinner a few hours later. His wife had said she wanted to get a shower before we went out and I jokingly said I wanted to get one too and that we could save water by sharing. All four of us laughed about it with the standard, "in your dreams" or "yeah right" types of comments. About 30 minutes later, the husband decided he wanted to go to a nursery to look at plants for their yard. My wife, who loves to garden, wanted to go see if she could find some stuff for our yard. She knew I had little to no interest in tromping around looking at plants, nor did Jan, my friend's wife. The movie we had been watching ended and the two got up to head out to go shopping. Jan announced she was heading to the shower and I said, "okay, get the water warmed up and I'll be right in." I said it jokingly, but also with a slight hint of a dare just to see who would blink first. Her response was, "if you think you can handle it big boy, then come on in."
I knew she was joking and playing the same game of dare and tease that I was. After she headed for their bedroom, I sat on the sofa and seriously contemplated my next move. Jan and I had always gotten along very well and usually kept up the teasing banter that had led us to this point. I heard the water in the shower start and quietly made my way down the hall to their bedroom to see if she had locked the door when she went in.
The knob to their bedroom turned and was defintely not locked. I eased the door open and saw the master bathroom door was wide open and not closed at all. My heart was pounding in my chest as I decided I was going to go through with stripping down and getting in the shower with my friend's wife.
I pulled off my t-shirt and quickly dropped my shorts and briefs to the floor before stepping out of them. My **** was beginning to rise as I picked up the clothes and tiptoed over to the bathroom door. I got into the bathroom undetected and placed my clothes on the counter. I seem to have made it in without being discovered as Jan did not call out or open the curtain to see if someone was there. I had decided I was going to enter the back end of the tub away from the shower head as I took a deep breath and reached for the curtain.
I pulled back the curtain and stepped in all in the same motion and there was Jan, facing away from me washing her hair. I said, "Ready or not here I am" as I stepped in. She whirled around and stood there completely naked with her eyes closed due to the shampoo while she reached out blindly with her left arm to see if I was really in the shower.
Jan is a cute gal that has always been pretty thin, with perky little ******* and a nice tight little ***. I was surprised to see she had trimmed her dark bush back into a cute little landing ***** . As luck would have it, her hand brushed across me in the lower stomach area and then dropped down and touched my now totally stiff **** before she withdrew her hand and used it to try and get the shampoo off of her head.
Within moments she had rubbed and rinsed the shampoo off and had opened her eyes to see me standing nude in the shower with her while my **** was at full attention. She blurted my name out and started laughing and told me, "while you're here, the least you can do is wash my back." She handed me her cloth and I washed her back, taking special care on her bottom, but did not press my luck by fingering her with the cloth.
Once I had finished, she instructed me to turn around saying, "you washed mine and I'll wash yours." She washed my back and butt and handed me the cloth back. She told me she wondered where our joking back and forth might lead and insisted we must never let our spouses know what was happening. She then did something that shocks me still to this day: She reached out and took my right hand and guided it right to her ***** lips and said, "Since you had the balls to go through with this stunt, you should at least get a little benefit." I felt her up for a moment and then she leaned in and gave me a full on naked hug for a good 15 to 20 seconds with my stiff **** pressed against her stomach.
When we broke the hug, she said, "okay, that's out of our system now and forever. Go ahead and finish so I don't get the floor all wet trying to get out". I finished up my shower with her in the back part of the tub. I turned off the water, and she reached out and grabbed a couple of towels off the hook. At one point, while we were drying off she bent over to dry her foot and gave me a perfect view of her sweet ***** lips from behind.
Once we were dry, she slipped on a pretty blue pair of bikini panties and headed to her walk-in closet to finish getting dressed. I quickly dressed in the bathroom and headed back to the living room. I did stop in to the hall bathroom and turned the shower head on for a few minutes while reaching in to splash water on the walls and curtain. I wasn't sure how long my wife and her husband would be gone, but I wanted to make damn sure it appeared both showers had been used.A few minutes later she emerged with khaki shorts and a white top and suggested we go sit out on the deck while waiting for our spouses to return.
About 20 minutes later our spouses did return, with all sorts of plants and found us sitting on the back deck drinking ice tea and talking. I explained that I had gotten a shower and then come to sit out on the deck to enjoy the wonderul springtime afternoon. Jan said she had waited until my shower was done to get hers so that neither of us would run out of hot water and that it should have been built back up if either of them wanted to shower.
My wife headed off to shower first and Jan's husband went out to the garage to deal with his new plants. While they were gone, she looked over at me and said, "I am not upset or disappointed about what happened today, but we both have to promise here and now to never speak of it again." I agreed with her and promised. That was 20 years ago this month, and though we have seen each other many times over those 20 years, we have never spoken of it to each other or to anyone else.
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A beautiful story for you to think back on and enjoy.

Sounds like fun.....what a shame it didn't go further ;-)

I saw this couple very recently and nothing was ever said, nor did I have the chance to try it again. I have the feeling I could probably get away with it again in the right situation.

I was dared to take a shower with my brothers GF who is a Doctor by a group of friends that were at our house<br />
So we did I can tell you she looked better nude than she looked dressed and being a Doctor she explained all her reproductive organs to be with a show and tell type presentation.<br />
<br />
And I of course rose to the occasion which she wanted to take care of that I would not let her as the bet was for a shower only not show and a BJ<br />
<br />
When we came down stairs my wife checked to see if my pubic hair was wet and my bother checked is GF also.<br />
<br />
They got upset with us, so I told the Doctor that seeing they are upset with us anyway we should go back and finish the shower, but they agreed that they were pushing us to go shower.

I love that story...

I still can't believe I went through with it. I am sure she was pretty shocked I went through with it too, but we had been teasing each other for several years before it happened.

Great share! Makes me think part of her wanted it and more to happen which of course would have been against better judgement. <br />
By never mentioning it again, you did not nudge her into anything that she probably really wanted, but did not want to do.

The thought of my wife and her husband being up to something did cross my mind, but my wife has always said she would have killed him if they were married and she did not understand how our friends had ever gotten together. As they say anything is possible, but I would say the odds were pretty good against anything having happened.

Good story - sounds like a great time. Did you ever stop to think, however, that maybe her husband and your wife may have been up to something of a similar nature when they went shopping for plants?

I think you are correct, and a bit similar to a couple of my own stories.<br />
<br />
Well told, and a great tale!

It was just one of those daring moments. She could have gone ballistic and freaked out when I got in the shower with her. I really wasn't sure what reaction I was going to get. Looking back on it, I think it went about as well as it could have without having gone too far and causing guilt problems for both of us.

Great story. Well told! One of those once in a lifetime events. Thanks for sharing.<br />
<br />