Hot Tub Cougars

Saturday night my wife and two of her 45 year old friends planned to go down the street to a benefit social. They came to our house and split a bottle of wine before heading down at 10pm. My wife had two cosmos with me earlier in the evening with dinner.
They came back 15 min later because it was sold out. They sat at the back bar area over looking the lake (frozen) and drank another one and a half bottles of wine, yapping and having a good time.
I stayed upstairs with my ipad.
By 11 I got called down to make a round of cosmos. They were laughing, being BFF's and asked my to take a picture of them. After the first photo, with them drinking their cosmos, they (Angela was the ringleader) said let's flash Mike and the next picture includes some nipples.
Not 15 minutes later I heard them call me and ask if I could make them chocolate carmel martinis in the acrylic glasses because they were going in the hot tub. By the time I got them made they were out on the deck completely naked getting into the hot tub.
I tried not to look too obviously, but my wife has a beautiful body, 5'5", 34c, 26, 36, 128lb, and her friends were in excellent shape too- no belly fat on any of them. one, Suzanne, is 95lb, cute blonde, but with large breasts skinny everywhere else. Angela is 5'7", slim, blonde, and same size breasts as wife, very tanned. They all had landing ***** shaves.
They called for a second round of chocolate martinis and I warned them that they were in the tub for a while and they should get out. They would have none of that, but i made them weaker, expecially my wife's because she is a light weight drinker compared to her friends.
I was in my room when I heard a thud and calls for help. My wife had got out of the tub and passed out. Her butt naked friends were trying to get her up so I did the lifting meanwhile having them 1 foot away trying to help. We got her in the living room and she started throwing up. We managed to get her cleaned up, (Angela managed to get a bra and panties on, Suzanne had a towel wrapped around her because she couldn't find her clothes (they were really drunk, I found her bra stuck in the stereo equipment the next day).
So they decide that Vivian (my wife) should be in bed so we carried her upstairs, with the two of them with each leg going up first and me with her shoulders. We got up 2 steps when Suzanne lost her towel but it was impossible to get it because we had our hands full, so she apologized for the show and helped carry Vivian up stairs and get her in bed.
I was busy getting Vivian a bucket to get sick in, red wine and chocolate - not a pretty site, wouldn't you know it, while Suzanne was trying to get her panties on in the living room, my 16 year old son walks in at 2am having been the designated driver for his girlfriend and her friends. He was texting as he walked in and got the surprise of his life.
My wife heard him the next day telling his girlfriend how he saw Jack's (a kid in his girlfriend's class) mom naked in our livingroom.
Later that night, after Suzanne's husband came to pick her and Angela up, my son and I had a good laugh. I think I gained some new found respect from him, having two drunk naked women in the living room. He had talked to the two of them while I was looking after his mom and they were waiting for their ride, and he thought they were pretty cool. But when he found out that his mom and her two friends were naked in the hot tub, he says he won't go in until I change the water. I just had a hot tub, and I don't have any problems with the water, but I can definitely smell chocolate!
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5 Responses Apr 11, 2011

Great story. Sexy, funny... but also unfortunate. Feel bad for your wife, that's not a good way to end the night.

We've had a few over the years where everyone gets naked to get in the spa. Nudity is not an issue with me as I have been around it for years but it's funny how otherwise normal people will shed their clothes after a couple of drinks and sit in the spa naked with other people they barely know.

fun! I enjoyed that!

Absolutely great story. While I could do without the passing out, I'd love to have my wife invite a few of her friends over and get naked in our hot tub. I'd happily be their servant!! Thanks for sharing. TWOF

Fun story (except poor Vivian). I suspect you've got a good shot for a potential repeat. Good luck.