Naked Neighbour

For a guy like me, the flat was perfect.

It was located downtown on the third floor of an old house in a narrow street. Sure, it was small, but it was quite inexpensive and this area was simply where I wanted to live at the time.

Back then, I was in my mid-thirties and single. And I suppose my love life was rather average. I did bring girls home once in a while, but none of them ever became more than casual relationships.

And then there was ****. Since I was young, I've been a great **** fan. And back then I spent a lot of time watching **** on DVD and ************,

For some reason, the flat had a vinyl floor. This meant I could ********* on the floor and just wipe up the ***** afterward. You see, I just love watching myself shooting off. Probably because my ejaculations are quite powerful.

Anyway, I would watch **** DVDs in the nude and ********** until my **** spurted ***** several feet across the floor. Then I'd wipe the floor, pour myself another drink and wait until I was ready for a second round.

As I said, the street was narrow - and there was another flat directly opposite mine. This meant I could actually look right into the living room of my neighbor across the street.

After a while, I had my first glimpse of her: She was young - in her early twenty, I guessed. A tall girl with short blond hair - a real beauty, in fact. Once, our eyes met across the street, and she gave a little nod, as if to say "yes. I know you can see me".

Of course, I didn't want her to witness my **** sessions. So every time I got the urge, I made sure the blinds were drawn before turning on the DVD.

And then there was that very special morning.

I'd just gotten out of bed, had my coffee and was getting ready for work. Absently, I looked out the window. Down in the street, cars and pedestrians were already on the move - city folk going about their usual business in the cold morning air. And as I lifted my gaze to look at the window across the street, there she was. But this time she was naked.

I blinked. Yes, my neighbor was casually walking around in the nude. Her hair was wet, so I suppose she'd just stepped out of the bath. Fine. But why didn't she throw a bathrobe or a towel around her? Or - if she wanted to walk around in the nude, why didn't she pull the blinds or curtains?

I could have looked away, but I didn't. It was almost as if she wanted me to see her.

She was even more beautiful in the nude. She was slim, but not skinny. From where I stood, I could just glimpse her *****: A neatly trimmed blond bush just above her labia. And her breasts were the kind you dream about: Not huge, just perfectly shaped. I stood there, imagining how they'd feel in my hands.

Suddenly, our eyes met.

She didn't flinch. She just stood there, naked, looking at me. Her attitude seemed to be saying "yes, I am naked. This is my body. I have nothing to hide - and nothing to be ashamed of."

As my neighbor looked into my eyes, I felt myself getting an erection. My **** felt warm and heavy against my thigh, slowly hardening - rising.

I walked away from the window. I had to get ready for work.

All day, I must have thought about that episode. It was funny how my neighbor's attitude made perfect sense. After all, what did she have to hide? What did anybody have to hide?

I thought about everything we do for that sole purpose - to avoid strangers seeing our naked bodies. All the clothes we buy, all the drawn curtains, blinds, closed doors... And we could all just as well do without it.

After the episode, my mind kept returning to my neighbor's naked body. Let's face it: We males are always on the lookout for a potential sex partner. And here was a gorgeous woman exposing her naked body right across the street from me. If that doesn't fuel a man's sexual fantasies, what will?

Anyway, I spent the next couple of days in a state of more or less constant arousal. And finally I decided I needed a good **** session. So on the way home from work, I went by my local sex shop and rented a couple of DVDs.

When I got home, I poured myself a whiskey, got naked and popped the first DVD in the machine.

The first movie was pretty hot: A cute young blonde joined the army, only to find herself surrounded by a number of very horny and well-endowed men - and the odd lesbian. Every training session soon developed into an enthusiastic sex act.

The heroine was a very sexy redhead, and I soon had a huge erection. And when the drill sergeant had the girl on all fours, pumping her fiercely, I started ************. I stroked my **** slowly at first, feeling it grow to its full size.

The girl on the screen shrieked loudly with pleasure, as the sergeant kept driving his huge **** into her *****. Both actors were sweating, apparently completely engrossed in the pleasure of the act.

It was an incredibly sexy scene. I felt my balls tightening, my ***** ready to burst from my ****.

Grunting with excitement, the drill sergeant pulled his **** from our heroine's **** and turned her over on her back, pointing his hard-on straight at her face. Seconds later, the first jet of ***** shot from his ****, hitting the girl's pretty face.

I couldn't hold back any longer. I held on to my **** as the first powerful spurt of ***** shot several feet across the vinyl floor. And as the sergeant spattered our heroine's sweaty body with his creamy *****, I kept ***********.

Another spurt - and another - and finally I felt my ****** subsiding. Trembling, I grabbed my drink and took a sip.

And that's when I saw it: I had forgotten to pull the blinds!

Through my window I saw my neighbor. She just stood there, naked, smiling at me. She must have seen it all. She must have watched me ******* off and *********** all over the floor. Damn!

Still out of breath from my climax, I jumped from my chair and stumbled towards the window. And just as suddenly, my neighbor was gone - and I found myself staring into an empty living room.

Had she even been there? Or had I just imagined it in some post-orgasmic hallucination? I couldn't be sure. I pulled down the blinds, wiped my ***** off the floor and collapsed in my chair.

I emptied my whiskey and poured myself another one. Then I just sat there for several minutes, trying to catch my breath.

My mind was a chaos of conflicting reactions. At first, I just felt embarrassed. Of course I did: I had been caught in the most private situation I could imagine.

But then I recalled my neighbor's face - assuming I'd seen her at all, she'd been smiling. A friendly smile - as if we now shared a secret.

Maybe - the thought suddenly hit me - maybe she'd actually enjoyed it. Well, why not? Men enjoy watching women **********. And there had to be female voyeurs as well. Maybe my neighbor was one of them.

As I pondered this possibility, sipping my drink, I felt myself getting aroused again. My **** twitched between my naked thighs, slowly swelling to a semi-erection. I got up and put another DVD in the machine.

This one was even better: A group of young female fashion models were struggling to make it to the top. But behind the scenes of the glamorous industry they were all subjected to kinky sex acts.

Watching the movie, I still kept seeing my neighbor in my mind's eye, smiling. As the virile fashion photographers took turns ******* the models, one always snapping pictures of the scene, I *********** again. Two more times I ********** on the floor of my flat before I crawled into bed, nearly comatose.

The next day I could hardly concentrate on my job. I kept seeing my neighbor's beautiful body, those perfect breasts, that cute little *****. And her pretty face, smiling at me as I ********** like a beast.

You'd think I'd be drained after ************ three times the night before. But I was still so aroused I had to lock myself in the bathroom at work and jerk off. But even that didn't help. A few minutes later, my **** was semi-erect again.

It was January, and darkness had fallen by the time I got home from work. I locked my door, undressed and took a shower. As I washed the soap off my body, my **** was already completely erect - hard as a rock. I dried myself, taking care not to rub it to hard and accidentally bring myself to ******. I wanted to save it.

I looked in the mirror. I've never been a fitness freak, but for some reason I was in pretty good shape. I've always been rather thin, but at the time I was all muscle. And between my legs, my nine inch **** stood up straight, twitching with excitement.

Naked, I walked into my living room. The blinds were up. Tonight, I wanted to be seen.

Standing by the window I looked across the street, into my neighbor's flat. She wasn't there. Her living room was dark, but I could see a light shining from another room. So she was home.

I waited, and soon a light went on and my neighbor came into view. Again, she was naked - and utterly beautiful in the soft lamplight.

She looked over at me - and as she saw me naked for the first time she froze in the middle of the room. I didn't move, and she didn't look away.

I was acutely aware of her gaze on my ****. It felt strangely exciting, and I felt it twitching, slapping against my stomach.

I noticed that today she wasn't smiling. Absently, she brushed her hair away from her face and bit her lip, still staring at my erect ****.

With a graceful movement she crawled on to a small table in front of the window, giving me a perfect view of her naked body. She knelt on the table top, spreading her thighs. Beneath the blond tuft of pubic hair I could just make out the pink flesh of her labia.

As she looked straight into my eyes, her fingers found her *****. Gently she began stroking herself with one hand - ************ for me. My **** was so hard it was almost painful. She massaged her ****, slowly at first, then gradually increasing the rhythm.

Her nipples were hard, poking out from her perfect breasts. She opened her mouth, breathing hard as she stroked her ****.

Shivering with excitement, I cleared a table and placed it in front of the window. Then I crawled up, kneeling on the table top like her. Staring into her eyes I grabbed my **** and began ************.

I had to stroke myself slowly and gently, otherwise I would have ********** immediately. Clear fluid trickled from the tip of my ****. I spread it over the shaft, making it wet and slick.

Slowly, my neighbor slipped two fingers inside her ****. I gasped at the sight. Carefully, she moved them back and forth, exploring her own flesh. Then with a delicate movement, she put the fingers in her mouth, closing her eyes as she savored the taste of her juice.

I grabbed my **** in my hand. I had almost come at the sight.

My neighbor looked me in the eyes, licking her own juice off her fingers. Then she repeated the procedure - probed her ***** with the fingers, then sucked the wetness off them. With her other hand she grabbed her breast, gently squeezing its soft flesh.

I moved close to the window pane, letting my **** graze it. The clear liquid trickled down the glass.

My neighbor imitated my move. Moving forward, she pressed her ***** against her windowpane. As she slowly pulled back, I saw a steamy patch of her moisture on the glass. I could just imagine how that sweet, wet ***** would feel wrapped around my ****.

And just as I thought I couldn't take any more, she reached down behind the table and pulled out a latex *****. It must have been about the size of my own member - nine inches long. The mere thought of her ******* herself with that thing made my hard-on twitch in anticipation.

She lifted up her left leg and let the tip of the ***** slip inside her. She looked down at her ****, apparently wanting to watch her labia stretching around the latex toy. Slowly, she pushed it in deeper. Her mouth was open - I could just imagine her gasping with pleasure as she felt the thing entering her sensitive flesh.

Fluid dripped from my ****. The pressure was so great, small globs of ***** mingled with the flow, already anticipating a massive ***********.

My neighbor looked into my eyes and began moving the ***** in and out of her ****, ******* herself. Her face was flushed, and droplets of sweat were appearing on her skin, making her glisten in the lamplight.

I couldn't keep still anymore - I felt my pelvis thrusting back and forth as I ***********. As if my brain was subconsciously forcing my body to ****.

As my neighbor *********** with her *****, love juice flowed down her thighs, wetting the sex toy, wetting her fingers, everything between her legs wet and slippery.

We were teasing each other, whipping up a sexual frenzy across the darkened street. This was foreplay without touching, sex without any physical contact. And we were both turned on far beyond the point of no return. We couldn't have stopped now if our lives depended on it.

I kept stroking my ****, grunting like an animal in heat.

With great force, my neighbor thrust the ***** into her **** again and again. She was still looking at me, but her eyes were glazed, unfocused. I could tell she was on the verge of coming.

And suddenly she froze, her face transformed by a wild rush of pleasure. Trembling all over, she had a powerful ****** before my eyes. As I watched her coming, I couldn't control myself. I grabbed my **** with both hands, as I began ***********.

I yelled out loud with lust, as the first spurt flew several feet up in the air, hit the window pane and slowly began trickling down the glass. My neighbor watched intently as jet after jet of creamy white ***** shot from my ******* ****, spattering the window in front of me. I kept ************, wanting my ****** to last forever. But finally it subsided, and I squeezed the last thick drops of ***** from my ****.

I was dizzy. I had to hold on to the window frame to steady myself. Across the street, my neighbor slowly slipped the ***** out of her *****, dripping juice on to the table top. She was gasping for breath, utterly exhausted.

I didn't want it to be over yet. I held the head of my **** between my thumb and index finger and gently kept stroking it. Slowly, carefully, I massaged it, making it swell, maintaining my erection. Soon, the shaft was as hard as before, and I began ************ again.

Watching me, my neighbor bit her lip. She turned a switch on the *****, making it vibrate. As I stroked my **** vigorously, she let the tip of the vibrator touch her ****.

This time we managed to maintain eye contact all the way through. My mouth was dry. I would have loved to kiss her, to feel her tongue against mine as we worked our way to another simultaneous climax.

I felt my balls contracting, as my second ****** approached. Like a madman, I heard myself shouting unintelligible obscenities, urging my neighbor to ********** and come for me.

I watched her shiver uncontrollably, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks as she came again - another rush of animal pleasure.

I came at the sight. Once more my stiff **** began ***********. Powerful spurts of ***** shot from its tip, spattering the window. I noticed the liquid was clearer this time, less milky white. I had almost emptied myself of ***** and was now just pumping fluid.

Still, my *********** was almost as strong as the first one. As the contractions ceased, I held my **** in my fist, finally allowing it to soften. It was bright red and burning hot from the strain.

Naked and sweating, my neighbor and I sat there for a while, just looking at each other. We were both exhausted - and utterly satisfied.

I looked down into the street. People in winter coats were rushing by on the sidewalk, cars slowly making their way through. Had anyone seen us? If they had, I didn't care.

My neighbor smiled at me - a tired, happy smile. Then she slowly crawled off the table and disappeared into the shadows.

After that night, I often saw her naked and I often walked around naked myself. But we never did "that thing" again. It remained a fond memory of a random act of uncontrollable lust.

My neighbor moved out a few months later. I stayed in the flat for about a year. But it remains one of my favorite sexual memories.

Every now and then, I think back on that night. I recall the beautiful sight of her naked body, quivering in ******, my **** pumping thick jets of hot ***** across the window. And as I wonder where she is now, I imagine her recalling it, too. I imagine her reliving that night, aroused, vigorously ************ to the memory.

And that thought never fails to make me come...
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very hot story

your story was very hot and well accounted. It made me very hard reading it. Although you could have met. It would have changed the memories. I love exhibitionism . and you both seem to enjoy it. always leave your blinds open. you never know whats going to happen,.

I am a big fan of windows and all the fun they can provide ... your story reminded me of just how MUCH fun they really can be!

ya u can say that again

ya thats my agenda for this days bt still i have a long way to go.....

Wow. Very hot story. Obviously she was into you. Why didn't you introduce yourself. Invite her to a coffee. An exhibitionist like that would have been a terriffic long termer.