Wine Turns Games Naughty

Some good friends of ours came over for some dinner on a Sat. night. We had known them for a while and John flirted with my wife quite a bit. Joyce was generally very proper without coming across as uptight and could be a lot of fun when the mood struck her. John had seen Jill's **** before as I had once Joyce at a Vegas pool with some touching involved. We hadn't really intended this night to be anything other than cooking and hanging out, guess that's when things can sometimes happen.

As we ate, we started opening wine and John who generally only drank beer started drinking the wine like it was beer. He was really throwing back some wine and I guess the rest of us were drinking a little more than ususal. We eventually moved downstairs after we had cleaned up and John was pretty drunk. We took some wine with us and continued our drinking which began to turn into various drinking games and dares. Very quickly John went to the bathroom and threw-up, passing out on the bathroom floor. With that it was me, Jill my wife and Joyce playing. Stripping hadn't progressed very far and we didn't miss a beat. Jill doesn't have a huge isse stripping but wasn't sure how far Joyce would go.

We were playing a card game and soon Jill has down to her bra and Joyce had taken off her bra but left on her shirt and I had pants on. Joyce was small chested will my Jill has big ****. While we were contemplating the next move, John stumbled back out and fell on the couch and passed out there. No one hardly gave it thought as he was clearly out of it. Jill was the next one to take something off and let her nice c-cup boobs fall out of her bra as she took it off. Nex cam Joyce taking off her pants leaving her in panties and a shirt with no bra. As she took off her pants, got a quick view of her **** as she bent over and her shirt moved around. Her **** are small but she has some nice big erect nipples. I told her she should give us a better view and she gave us a quick shy flash. Guess she had decided acting proper involved a little nudity. I lost next and took off everything, figured what the hell. Jill lost and took off her panties next. At the time she had a little landing ***** and Joyce looked down and said "oh cute, you shave your ***** into a little design". I had never expected to here these words out of Joyce. I wondered if John was really still passed out since here was Jill completely naked sitting cross-legged on the floor. Joyce lost and took off her shirt showing her cute little ****. I told Joyce, "what the hell are we waiting for, just take off your panties. Let me help." Has I reached over, I figured she would say to back off, instead she lifted her hips off the floor and she grabbed one side of her panties and pushed down. Next thing I know we are all naked. I saw why she was fascinated with Jill 's shaved *****. This beautiful blond woman that was always so welll put together and dressed had a hairy *****, She was groomed down to her bikini area but had very long ***** hair. Normally I like a well trimmed *****, but the contrast here was a turn-on.

We talked about being naked and Jill decided to get us a couple of beers. When she left the room, Joyce suddenly leans forward over me and starts making out with me. I am drunk and thinking, what do I do now. Her husband is passed out on the couch behind us and my wife is coming back any minute. Jill and I had done some swinging and John had seen and felt up Jill's boobs so just went with it. Jill came back, saw what was going on and quietly left. She later told me from our positions, it was clear what had happened and that she wanted to let me have some fun and she went upstairs to our bedroom to **********. I wish she would have done that with us, oh well. Joyce lay down on me as we made out and did some light fondling. After about 10 minutes, she wanted to go up to the kitchen. We went up and stook against the counter and she ground ***** into me while I grabbed her *** and pulled her into me. After a little of this, I took her upstairs to my bedroom to check with Jill and see if she minded us coming in to play. She was ************, and was good with it. Joyce had waited outside but when I came back, there was John. John said Joyce was tired and going to sleep in the bedroom. Turns out he had woken up while we were making out downstairs and thought it was Jill and I. He was still really drunk and figured he was going to watch Jill and I **** but then realized it was Joyce. He followed us to the kitchen and then wasn't sure what was going to happen and decided told Joyce to go sleep. Little did he realize all he had to do was go in the bedroom and he could have ****** Jill.

The next day we didn't really talk about it. Joyce called me on Monday and asked if we needed to talk about what happened. She wasn't sure if we had sex or not. I told her no although it was a lot of fun. She wanted to know what I told Jill. When I told her everything and that she had watched at first for a couple of minutes and was okay with it, she said cool. I asked if she wanted to talk to her which she did and they were laughing about it and that it was a good time. Afterward, John regretted not letting things continue and getting involved. We don't live near them anymore but Jill and I have talked about it and would like to repeat the night finishing with a swap.
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Great story, maybe next time it will work out.

Sometimes the unplanned adventures between good friends turn out to be some of the best memories. That was certainly the case for us. Good friends, high trust, relaxed circumstances, often lead to fun adventures. Everyone just has to remember that its all for fun, and nobody get jealous or weird. Thanks for sharing, and I wish you more fun in the future. TWOF