A Nasty Divorce

I knew Daryl from high school, but life had changed him just like it does with people from rural hometowns.  They have dreams but after high school, they hit a major roadbump and never recover.   Fourteen years after I graduated, I had several life experiences that made me the man I am today:  a college graduate, a man who learned to love life, and to love being an exhibitionist.  And Daryl met Alison, a very cute blonde woman who was in the process of becoming just like Daryl.

We had dinner a few times before Daryl wanted to reconnect.  Unfortunately, he didn't want a friend as much as he wanted someone to ***** at about his crummy job at the concrete plant and drink until he passed out.  I was worried right up until he hit Alison in front of me, and then I realized he needed to get serious help.  Alison didn't have a job (or a car to get her to a job), and Daryl was using that to keep her with him.   Eventually his shift changed and he was working afternoons so he didn't see Alison that much.  She started inviting me over since I was the only person to come near them, and eventually we started talking about fetishes and the like.  It didn't take long for her to see me naked and running about, and for her to slowly join me and finally admit that she was an even bigger exhibitionist than me.

It was at this point that something changed in her.  I got her on Fetlife, started taking her to Munches, and she eventually fell for a few other people.  They had money, they had compassion, and she left Daryl a few months later by writing him a letter followed by divorce papers.  He tried to call me to complain and ***** about it, but the cops arrested him by the time I bothered to make it to the local bar to pick him up.  He's in AA now, and probably better off.

Then again, I do have to confess one thing:  she didn't immediately leave after she posted the letter.  After Daryl was put in jail for assault at the bar, I met Alison up North in a cabin.  Yeah, we streaked.  And she made love to me.  Not because I had gotten her out of that life, but because after streaking so long with someone...well....it has to happen somehow, in some way.
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Great story..

Interesting story. If you believe in untimate justice, in the end, everyone got what they deserved. You got to help someone. She got a new (hopefully better) life, and he got a wakeup call and a chance to start over.<br />
<br />
Thanks for posting. TWOF