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We used to have a pool and a hot tub. Now we live in a house where we put in a hottub. In both cases, no suits after dark for guests (daylight hours is as desired). Seen several friends nude, no big deal really.

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A few years ago we went skinnydipping at a friend's house. It was late and we had all been drinking. When my wife undressed I noticed the hubby of our friend that lived there could not take his eyes off of my wife's frshly shaved *****. There were maybe six of us and one wife did not have her husband along. She kept rubbing up to me every chance she could and I finger ****** her right there in the pool. It was very exciting!

don;t much blame you dude :) any one start to rubb up on me :) lol needs a good finger *******

Never know Beaver. She may just surprise you

Most bodies are not as sexy as the models and young girls we see in photos but it is still a turn on to see somebody nude. I love seeing naked people and imagine touching them even though it isn't always wise.