Hot Tub Story

We have a hot tub. No suits allowed  seen all are Friends naked  We had a party every  body was drinking. One of my wife's Friends asked if the hot tub has hot I said that it has then lets get in shes says I'll get my suit I said no suits  OK She  took her cloths off and got in I did to wen I was getting in she says to me you must wear thongs Ya I do you like my tan lines She says their great and so that **** She moves over by me and starts playing with **** soon it was hard she says to me can I sock on it OK by me put you better ask my wife she did my wife go a head so I got on the side of the spa She started socking on didn't take long I was ******* in her mouth. Some of my guy Friends sad Their were next she socked them all off




























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3 Responses Oct 27, 2009

Gotta get my Hot tub Repaired. Had some great times with the ex there. Can't believe it's still cold and raining here!!! Lousy summer!!! AB

my kinda girl!

Hot tubs are a good place to get sexy...