Wife Drunk, Plays ***** Poker

This happened several years ago. A friend of mine,my wife, and myself were playing cards, I suggested we play ***** poker, to my suprise she was the 1st to say yes! As we played a few hands, I had lost a couple, Roy had lost a hand and Gladys had lost a couple, had her shirt on, bra was removed ( you know how they can get them off with out taking the shirt off) lost another hand and ask if she could take her pants off instead of her shirt.Roy looked at her, then me and I said "if you stand up to take them off". She looked at me and said "OK". She stood between us and removed her jeans. I was instantly hard as she had a shear pair of panties that we could see her ***** thru! She excused herself to the rest room, walked away making sure we saw her shirt was completley open as she walked away. I told Roy it was alright to feel her legs, as much as she would let you, while we play. As we started playing again, Roy lost the next 2 hands, was down to his underwear, sporting a nice hard on. As he sat back down, I excused myself, was real quiet returning, was excited to see Roy's hand rubbing her ***** thru her panties. We played one more hand, I lost, making me naked. I wanted to keep playing, so a wager was made that if I lost I would have to allow the winner to tell me what to do for 5 mins. I agreeded. Gladys lost! She elected to take her panties off!! She stood up, I asked Roy if he wanted to take them off of her, he looked at me, I said, you can get a good feel ! He did not need another offer! That was all it took her was allover her, and she was moaning, I was stroking myself as they got more involved!

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must b fun

Dream come true kinda night. would love to have been there....oh by the way i am a pretty decent poker pla<x>yer but would have been ok losing a couple to make it interesting.<br />
Great story

You can't stop there!!<br />
<br />
You have to tell us what happened!!

Then what happened?