My Weird Dream

So, I get weird dreams alot. This one stood out to me though. I dreamt there was this man. At least I think it was a man. The person was masculine shaped, but all shadows. Not the kind you see on the ground. Just a person, made up of shadows. He was bad, and chasing me. I went on this adventure, where I was doing my best to get away from him. Hiding, running, and always just barely missing him. Then, somehow, we ended up ontop of a tall tall TALL building. He had caught up with me, and somehow I had caught up with him. I jumped off the building. Kind of like suicide, but I felt trapped up on that building with no way out. Stuck up there with him. Again, I still don't know if it was a him, I am just assuming. Then as I was jumping, I had seconds to make this decision. Am I going to fall facing down, and meet my death, or facing up and not see it coming. I chose to face up. I could seriously FEEL the wind on my back. It wasn't cold, but a little warm. Calming, almost. Then one foot from the ground before I hit my death, I floated into my bedroom window. Like a feather. Just gracefully changing my direction. My room/ house wasn't there before. It just appeared. I slowly, and calmly drifted inside my sunny room, and into my made bed. Gently.
I have a bad past. Abuse mostly. Probably going to fail out of school now. I finally have ambition for something I want to do with my life, now though. Although I am not yet doing that dream. I am stuck where I am. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. 
I am wondering..... What does my dream mean? Does it have anything to do with my future? Past? Present? Just a silly dream?
katrina06 katrina06
May 5, 2012