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I Had Swinger Parents

When I was 17 and my parents were 39 and 43 I got to see a side to them I didn't know existed.

I was at a friends house down the street and we decided to go to the movies only I was broke. I told him I was going to get the money from my parents and would be right back.....only I returned home to find them gone. My younger brother told me they were at Mom's sister and Bro-in-law's house playing 42 on the next I cut through the yards and went to get some cash.

When I got there the door was locked and I went around to the patio door to get in. Just as I reached for the sliding door I looked through a slit in the drapes. There stood my Uncle Larry with my Mom sitting on the couch and she had his **** in her mouth and he is playing with her naked ****. I moved down the door a bit looking for another gap in the drapes. There was my Dad pumping his **** into Mom's sister. I could only think..."WOW!!!"......then there was movement in front of me but couldn't see who it was.

I ran home and called my friend to tell him to go to the movies without me and returned to see who else was there having fun. I spotted a married cousin,Buddy, who was 21 and his wife who was my age and a family friend, Preston, who was about 60. I watched for a LONG time and saw them all change partners many times. Preston mainly just watched but did pleasure Mom orally as he did Buddy's wife as well....I couldn't help but look at them in a different light after that

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MrPuddn MrPuddn 66-70, M 8 Responses Jul 1, 2011

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Would love to hear more please add me.

Your mum n her sis ever get it on? My mum n step dad swing n ****** been passed down through family for many generations n still continues to do so now

*** ur mom--she will put out

Thats so hot it reminds me of my mom a lot.

I'd like to hear about her, if you don't mind sharing.

very hot story did you see them in action again after that first time?

Oh, yes. They partied like twice a month.....When I heard they planned to play "42" that coming weekend, I cancelled any plans I had and planned to be at Uncles house...

Great...did you get to see them in action again?

Yes, I saw them party about 10-12 times until Dad was in an accident (see "Road Trip With Mom and Sis") and I became occupied in hotter activities that took me away from watching them.

yummy hot

did u not also feel like joining them and have sex with u sexy mother <br />
who gave u r mother a real u r uncle or buddy

Oh, Hell yeah!!! I usually kept a hard on around the house until I got my cherry popped and things kept me busy other places on the weekends..

Great story! Did anything happened after that experience?

I learned that "Playing 42' meant my night was taken up at the patio doors and the "players" were the usual ones with an ocassional change up with people I didn't know