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Wanted To Give A Surprise, But I Was The One Surprised.

Every since my college started I have been living in dorms and away from my mother. My college is couple of hours drive away from my mother's place, so once or twice a month I do visit her occasionally.
My parents has been divorced since a long time now and therefore my mother now lives alone. However she did find another man with whom she spends time and have a good life, both sexually and in general. But nonetheless I do try to visit her from time to time to not make her lonely and all.

So one a particular weekend i decided to go to her place without telling her to give a surprise and spend my weekend with her. I took a ride on bus for couple of hours before reaching her place. Once I reached there i noticed that the door was locked, well that didn't bother me since I had the keys for it. I opened the door and went it.
First I went to my room to keep my luggage and bags there. Then as I was walking and going towards my mom's room, I could hear some noises from there. At first i thought its coming from outside but as I reached near her room, I was sure it was coming from her room.

Her room's door was half open, so i could take a peek inside from there. I slowly went there and took a peek inside. And there she was, having sex with her boyfriend. I wont go into much details there but yeah they were both making love and having a very passionate sex, with lots of noises, moans and verbal exchanges. I was kind of shocked but at the same time I was happy for her, that she is having a good time and enjoying her life and not sitting all alone lonely.

I didn't want to disturb them, so i slowly went away. I left a memo near the telephone to call me when they are done. I then went out of the house to a mall nearby to spend my time there.
After few hours, just before the sunset, I got a call from my mom. She asked me where i was and i told her that i was in the mall. She then came to pick me up from there. As i sat in the car, she started to apologize, but I was totally fine with it and told her that its absoulutly cool. I told her that I was happy that she is having a good life and enjoying her time. She was glad that i understood. Later i asked her jokingly if she had a good time with her man, she smiled and replied it was amazing and she enjoyed it.

I am not disgusted or embarrassed to the fact that my mother is sexually active and having a good sex life. I support her in every way and wish her the best to be happy. Besides its all a natural thing to be sexually active, my mother didn't judge me or feel disgusted when I am sexually active and do my things, matter of facts she supports me and guides me. And so will I...Wish her all the best in life.

lilylove5 lilylove5 22-25, F 13 Responses Apr 25, 2013

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Beautiful story. You, and your mom too, have a mature & healthy attitude.

hot add me please

That is wonderfully understanding of you!

you have a wonderful attitude with life in general

I'm gald to hear that your family is comfortable with sexuality.

That's just great on both your parts. Very mature.

Mothers only become mothers on their backs with their knees up. The myth that "MY mother" doesn't enjoy sex is nonsense. Some daughters grow up and start sharing chat with mom like a BFF. Next time call first.

A great attitude and it is so nice that she has some fun times in her life.

V good attitude sweety

you are mature for your age...that was a nice way of handling it :)


:) would love to get an add...

That is as it should be. Sex is natural and necessary to a healthy well-rounded life and to be non judgmental about that is how we all should be...thanks for sharing

You are a very mature and caring person. I really love the way you think and how you are living your life. Its amazing and people around you are blessed to have you.

Thank you ^.^

Maybe it is old school but I know several people who are upset that their mother has a sex life, doesn't seem to bother those whose father does it.
I tell them to grow up. It isn't like she is going to give them a brother.
Good for you and for your mother.

for me its great that she has a sex life and still sexually active. She is enjoying her life and i am happy for her