Watching Mom's Bj And Sex

Two times I have actually seen my parents having sex.
The first time I heard sounds from their bedroom I watched through a crack in the door. Step dad was on his back naked and hard on the bed. Mom was topless and laying across the bed with her head on his stomach and was sucking him. I was kind of shocked. Moms didnt do that. You hoped that every other woman in the world did, but not mom. But I kept watching. I was about 14 and no 14 year old boy is going to walk away from watching his first blow job. It wasnt long until he shot. She must have gotten a spurt or two in her mouth and then pulled away and held it until the last drop. Then she reached for some kind of rag and cleaned him off. I ran for the bathroom as I was harder than Superman's kneecap.
The next time was in about the same circumstances but now mom is naked and on her back with her legs spread. Step dad is out of view at first but in a few seconds he climbs on top of her and tries to enter her. He makes a couple of pokes and then I see her hand appear between his legs. She grabs him and guides him in. I am about the same age as before but this time I have on shorts. I open my shorts and take it out and hold on to it. I am afraid to stroke as I dont want to shoot on the floor. He pumped her for what seemed an eternity. Probably wasnt that long but I was anxious to get to the bathroom.But I just couldnt leave this show. He finally finished and I was doublely thrilled to see some of his *** leak out as he got off of her. She then reached for a rag and caught the rest as she started to get up. Beat feet to the bathroom for me. This time I had gotten to see between her legs, lips and opening. I saw a few glimpses of her butt hole and her boobs. Not to mention a small cream pie. Needless to say, it didnt take more than a couple of strokes in the bathroom.
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saw my dad humping my mom in bed his *** moving up an down between her legs she was moaning another time saw mom sitting on dad ****


Hands down my best ****** has been to sounds of listening to my mom *** while her boyfriend is pounding her. There is nothing hotter than hearing and seeing your own mom ***. My mom would always moan "yes" and I would stand outside her bedroom and jerk off.

So how did mom look to you after looking at her this way?? Was she hotter and you wanted to see more of this sexy woman??

wow,, how did you keep from shooting right then on the floor!!

Almost did. Barely made it to the bathroom.

yes.... i have also heard them and saw many times.... as if they were my first guide to the world of sex

Nice experience! IT IS very hot to find out that ones mom is not the sweet angel a son always belives she is.... I have never seen my parents, but also in my teens found out that mom had ****** and vibrators and many times heard when she and dad had sex. The feelings that run thru your body as a young teen when you hear your moms most intimate groans and moans, undescribable!