Wife Has First And Only Experience With Another Woman

This happened back in 2004 when I was deployed to Iraq. I have always fantasized about seeing my wife with another woman and tried to set up the scene as best as possible. Before deploying I told my wife she could have as much fun with any of her female friends while I was gone to keep her satisfied as long as she took some pictures and told me every detail. Realistically I knew this had a very slim chance of happening. The friends she had were not wild and most were married and we didn't want to involve another man at all.

Shortly into the deployment she reconnected with a girl she had gone to high school with because her husband was being deployed to Iraq as well. My wife had already dealt with all the things a newlywed military wife has to deal with as this was my second deployment so she and her became very close again. A couple months into the deployment, while they were talking about missing sex, her friend had mention that her husband had said she could do whatever she wanted with a girl while he was gone but no men. They kinda laughed it off but in my head I was already trying to think if there was anything I could do to help it along. Over the next few months as both women became more and more horny from the lack of sex and everyone pretty much knowing everything about everyone I talked them into taking a topless picture together and e-mailing it to us. Now mind you, in 2004 camera phones picture quality sucked pretty bad still but that picture got me so turned on. Shortly thereafter I talked them into taking pictures for each other because it is so hard to taking really good and sexual pictures when you are trying to both pose yourself and beat the timer on the flash (hey it's true). So each one had the other take a series of pictures but only sent them to the respective husbands (later towards the end of the deployment we both got a copy of everything). Mine are actualy on my profile if you are a friend you can see them.

Several weeks later they had share a regular size bottle of wine and decide to push it a little further. This time it was only three pictures. But even with the poor qualitiy of the camera, those pictures gave me the biggest hardon of my life. The first picture had both of them on their knees kissing each other but making sure there breast were not covered at all. The second had my wife's friend strattling my wife pinning her arms above her head with her giant boobs dangling down (She was a DD and my wife at the time was only an A cup). The last had it reversed with my wife on top straddling her instead. I about came in my pants just looking at it. After talking to my wife I learned that they really did kiss a few times but not much; and though the pictures were very seductive she said they were just poses and they didn't do anything else. About a month later, almost nine into the deployment without a warning, pre-email or anything, I open my e-mail to find several e-mails with about 15-20 attachments total. I was almost shanking when I read the first e-mail going back and forth between it and the first set of pictures. Apparently they were both excessively lonely that night and though it wasn't really planned, set about having some wine together. Not a regualr bottle mind you. But THREE large bottles of Arbor Mist. They had pictures of them pretending to use her two vibrators on each other, handcuffing each other, posing, kissing, etc. I was overwhelmed. There pictures were very well posed and I can believe she was drunk enough to take those. I was impressed.

What I didn't find out until a few days later when I actually got to talk to her on the phone again was the pictures wern't "posed" like I had assumed. She said there were no penetraion or oral pictures because they were so drunk and horney they kinda got carried away and forgot about the pictures after a bit. The did oral on each other (said she wasn't really fond of the taste but didn't care at the moment) and also used the vibrators on each other while doing a lot of kissing.

That was the last thing they did while were were gone. I think both felt kinda ashamed of what they did (though both of us thought they were the best wives ever). Women can be kinda funny like that sometimes. Every time I see her friend when they come over now I pictuere her awesome breasts. I have never said anything to her about the pictures but one of the first few times I saw her she did say "I hope you have those pictures somewhere safe" she said in a nervous manner. I told her I haved them safely saved away. She didn't ask about them any more nor did she ask me to delete them (my biggest fear).

Since then both have had children and aren't quite as frisky anymore but it sure gave you something to look forwar to each day returning to the FOB each day and is one of the many reasons i love my wife so much. There is another story from a few years later with me, her, and my brother but I already posted that if you care to look for it.

Love to hear your thoughts on this to see if it excited you as much as it did me or if you had a similar experience!
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holy wow, great story. my husband would love this!

Some women have a VERY hard time shedding those upright morals that all parents send their children to church to learn. My experience in coaxing two wives to try it is once they try it they will be very tempted to try it again. After about the third time, they just sort of say "**** it" to themselves and just enjoy the pleasure whenever the opportunity presents itself. I would bet a lot of money that 80% of sexy women would become bi sexual if they would just relax and try it one time.

Very hot story. Thank you for sharing

I would love to see