Watching My Wife's First Lesbian Experience

Even as far back as college my wife talked about how she wanted to see what being with a woman was like, . that she was  'bi-curious"  But I never thought she would really go for it.  Thankfully, I was wrong! Because that led to her first lesbian experience and my first time with two chicks in bed!! Everybody came out smiling on this one! 



One of other stores near our lingerie shop was a jewelry store managed by this great looking, older blonde woman. She and my wife saw each other everyday, hung out  and did stuff together. This woman was very classy, taught aerobics and had this killer body that looked more like a thirty something woman. And she looked even hotter after she got implants to become a 36DD. 



Gail joined us for dinner one Tues nite. After several beers,  I excused myself to recycle some of it. When I came back to our table,  I could not believe what I was hearing! The two women were casually talking about us doing a *********. This was too perfect - better than any of those fake stories frat boys write to editors of tittie magazines. 



So Gail came by our lingerie store Thursday morning and said her plans were to come over that nite if my wife was feeling up to having a guest. My wife  told her  absolutely yes. I'd of loved to hear what else they talked about but I think you can figure it out. She  would be there after 9PM and asked if she sould bring along something to drink. 



So it was all arranged and I have to tell ya, I was really jazzed about this *********. (Hey, I was a rookie, my first time with two women, wouldn't you be pretty amped up?) And I was hoping that the two of them would fool around with each other, too, because my spouse had that "itch" to be with another woman and I wanted to her to "scratch" it. 



I had talked to Gail about her own similar experience and she said that she had always been attracted to women but it wasn't until she got older she felt confident in herself enough to act on her feelings. (To be honest, I hoped my wife REALLY enjoyed being intimate with Gail and would want to do it regularly. Having a bi wife means you get more *****, right?  ;-) 



Gail arrived about a half past nine. She was wearing this tight little sweater crop top, with a mini-skirt like she always wore. Any woman would wear short skirts with legs like hers, thnx to the aerobics class she taught. She told us that she'd bring along something to drink and we just assumed it would be wine or something long those lines. She was carrying this great big, huge bottle of this really smooth tequila and a whole bunch of limes! (See? I told ya she was a very classy lady.) I had a good feeling about tonite. 



We went into the kitchen, sat down at the table, cut up some of the limes and started doing shots of tequila the traditional way. And drinking beer chasers. We were going slow, yakking about her boyfriend and his "sex tour" of Thailand, He had called the previous day  and told her about some of his adventures and so she was up for some wild adventures of her own she laughed. 



Gail asked if we wanted to try a 'body shot' - that's where you lick some part of another persons anatomy, pour some salt there and then do the tequila shot by licking the salt off the person. Sounded great to me! I had been eyeing Gail's beautiful **** from the minute she arrived.  I bet you know where I was gonna want to lick and put the salt. She was a good sport and was very happy to oblige and whipped off that incredibly tight top she had on and let those beasties loose. 




Geez, she looked so fine- both my wife and I told her how incredibly hot she looked.  The two woman had been going to a tanning salon on the other side of her jewelry store. Neither my spouse or our guest had any tan lines. Both of the woman had bodies that looked 10 or 15 years younger than their actual age. 



Next, my wife said she wanted to try a body shot and wanted to do it from our friend's new **** also. (See I wasn't the only one who was thinking along those lines.) Gail cupped a breast and said "Go for it!" My spouse didn't just lick that ***, she spent some real quality time with that lovely breast!! She eventually sprinkled on the salt. and did her shot. Our guest went next and she did a couple of shots the same way - off my wife's breast. I loved watching the two of them sucking on each others ****. It gets better. 


Gail then reached into her purse and pulled out a paoer bindle. She asked if we had knew what that was and did we wanna try some. My wife and I cracked up. My wife smiled at Gail, took her hand and said "sweethseart we've been Deadheads since the 70's so we have some experience with sex and drugs." Gail rolled her eyes saying "I should of guessed you two would.." 

She hardly had any so I told them they should do it from each other nipple. But I did got to lick both their nipples clean



The next round both woman did what I had been waiting for all my life. They took turns licking salt from my ****, slammed their tequila and took turns sucking sucking my ****. If there is anything better than getting your **** sucked by TWO horny beautiful  women, I can't imagine what that might be. We played around and both of them took turns teasing and tugging on various parts of the other one's body. 



After a few rounds, we were getting pretty shznockered and realized we'd better slow way down on the tequila and moved out into the TV room. I made a point of sitting where I was opposite from the two woman and just sorta sat there with a big smile on my face. 



The two of them sat together and  I was surprised to see my wife being very aggressive towards our guest. Not that Gail looked like she minded. They were soon engaged in a several long lip locks and I was getting off on watching them big time. Now, normally I'm one of those guys that hits the fast-forward on the remote when the obligatory girl-girl scene starts in the **** flick. I was a lot more interested in what these two real-life lezzie hotties were doing. My wife had lifted Gail's miniskirt and was rubbing her such that there was no doubt the she was enjoying it.. 



My wife soon had woman's clothes off (all she had was left was her skirt but she left her heels on). In a new York minute, my wife was on her knees giving head to our friend. Were they going at it hot and heavy!  If I had been going that hard so soon, I would of expected my partner to say slowdown. And they were doing quite the opposite. And when they motioned to me to move over by them, I shook  my head no. and said "I'll take on the winner of this grudge match." They both laughed and went right back to it. 



Besides getting into it so fast, I noticed that both of them were being really oral towards one another. And as far as I could tell, nothing short of some C4 and a fuse was gonna pry those two women apart.   I was surprised by the boldness of my wife especially since she was always very submissive in her sexual pathos.  Later, our guest assumed the more dominate role.  Both of them very much wanted to explore what its like to have sex with a woman. 



They pushed the coffee table away from the sofa and just sorta slid down to the floor without breaking their concentration. Once they were spread out on the floor it was obvious that both of them were really into this. They were making me really horny and I wanted my **** in that sexual maelstrom. 


When they started to 69, I couldn't stand it and had my **** in my hand as they rocked and rolled, moaned, groaned and every noise woman can make when they are getting off good. It was almost like the rest of the world was invisible to them until they stopped to catch their breath. 



At that point, I was told to get over there - they wanted real **** and they wanted it now!! Didn't need to tell me twice, just snap your finger. I knew I wasn't gonna last very  long compared to these two horny *******. So I grabbed our downstairs "toy box" from the closet, found a couple of big gel ****** we had in there and brought them to the party. The two were still in the 69 position.  I got behind our guest and passed her a vibrator. and she began to entertain my spouse. I was already harder than Chinese algebra so I warned by wife to expect my **** in her mouth., 



Not that it mattered at that point, my wife was licking and sucking anything that even came close to her mouth. As my **** slipped in and out of our friend's *****, my spouse was making sure I was gonna ***. When I tried to extricate myself so as to not come too soon, Gail sez "Oh Noooooo you don't mister, I want you to *** in my *****. Now!" 


My wife took her free hand and grabbed me by the ***. while our companion was arching her back and jammin the point of her pelvis into my wife's face. I thought she might  hurt my wife doing that so hard. but my wife was loving that rough treatment. 


I yelled I was gonna *** and reached the point of no return. Thatt was precisely what they wanted from me. A big load of man juice It sure is great being a life support system for a **** and a set of balls.  



I pumped a couple of loads into Gail's tight *****, then pulled out and shot another load all over my wife's face shoved my **** in her mouth. It was nasty as hell watching my **** flowing from Gail's ***** and into my wife. my wife milked every drop of *** left in me. then she started licking Gail's ***** clean. I stepped back from the two women and fell on the sofa and caught my breath. 


The two woman kept going at it long enough for my **** back into action. This time it was my wife's turn to get reamed. Our guest-was licking my balls and sucking my soft **** hard again.  She took it out of her mouth and guided it into my wife's coochie. as I ****** my wife, Gail licked my wife's ****. It was incredibly hot and nasty watching them licking their shaven *******. It only took afew seconds before my wife had yet another massive ******.


After I came, Gail lick my **** out from inside my wife's quimm. I was happy that I able to get off again  As I  moved oot of their way the women went back to **** diving. I was useless to them now but I really enjoyed being a sex object. 



It was like a tennis match, one women would ***, you'd hear the little noise and then the other one would ***. Finally they both had a huge simultaneous ****** and they kept on ******* and finally they were lying there. Panting, sweating, kissing, licking and all covered in ***, sweat and ***** juice. 


We went upstairs to cleanup. All three of us climbed in the our big shower and the girls decided to arrange for several guys to come over  next week and **** them both senseless. hey Works for me!



It was now after 2 AM Friday morning and luckily, neither of them had to open their stores until 10AM. I could call in and say I was working from home that morning. We were laying there on the bed, one woman on each side of me, 


Of course they decided to see if there was still some life left in me. They took turns sucking my soft **** to get me hard enough to **** them again. I was just worn out but was still a very happy camper. I just zonked out right there while the two insatible ***** kept on going.  I don't even remember when our newest **** buddy woke up and left. 



The next morning my wife said Gail didn't leave until after dawn. Then I asked my bisexual wife how she felt after her first lesbian experience. She raved about what a great lover Gail was and how she'd definitely wanted to do it again (and again and again).  My wife said she just wished she had not waited so long to try sex with another chick. 



I laughed telling my wife I wish she had started earlier too. She knew what I meant. So she teased me back saying that she just might go lezzie on me. I just grinned knowing I had what every guy fantisize about- the hot bi-wife who brings home other hot bi-chicks for both of us to ****! YES!!!!



I stopped by Gail's jewelry store to see how our new ********* partner was feeling. Other than too much tequila, she felt wonderful, saying she could not remember when she'd had ever *** so many times. Gail offered to close the jewelry store so we could have a rematch on Sat. but we could not reconnect that weekend.  The wife and I several more fun sessions with our new **** buddy. Gail.  And  with Gail's  globetrotting boyfriend. And with Gail and our housemate.  



Watching these two insatiable women *** so many times, was when I first realized just how much more "capacity" for pleasure women have than us guys do. Men are just mere firecracker.  Women are nuclear warheads,  No comparison. It was so obvious that us dudes got shortchangeed in regards to sex.  LOL

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Hot story! I want that for me but with two guys. Will never happen though.

Multiple ******* are great but the first one is the real one all others are shallow in comparison to the first explosion!

That's definitely our kind of fun!

Omg! Great story! splat, splat, splat! God did that feel so good. Please email me pics of her to *** on ok? Wanks loads! Joe. .