I Have Seen My Wife Kissed And Touched By Another Girl

I loved it when i came home one night from wrok and my wifes best friend was there setting in the living room on the couch making out it was hot,they both stoped and said hi,and then took off each others top and bra off and started feeling each others breast,next thing they did was take off their jeans and panties,and started feeling each others ***** and licking and sucking on each others nipples,thats about all i could take ,i soon got naked and jumped in the shower,and to my surprize,they both got in the shower with me,thats when my wife went down on me ,and i was making out with her friend and playing with her huge *******,i blow my load in my wifes mouth,and the two of them shared my ***,what a way to be greeted coming in from work
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Jan 16, 2013