Big Peckers....

Ostrich are indeed "mean peckers"....

Once,the  phone rang,and a person wanted to know if I was interested in a trailer load of   "free ostriches".

This was not unusual, folks all over the state think of me when they have something they want to give away.....

So I says sure I'll take em..{making plans  in my mind as to who would take a horse trailer full of mean peckers off my hands}

 When my youngest daughter Betsy and I got to the specified location to pick those  peckers up we found out that these folks ran a kids camp and that the kids had hatched those huge eggs and now had to get rid of the peckers because they were  peckin hunks outta the campers!

I looked long and hard at the task at hand....and then had the ovarios to say sweetly to the big football playin dudes that were leanin on the fence...

"Well I will take them, but you will have to load em up for me!".

They HAD to get rid of those birds.{angry parents of injured kids } on the camps  case, so the foreman shouts to several of the largest fence sitters "get over here and catch these birds!".

So these six dudes go on in there and TRY to chase em down.

Now the girl and I are snickering and the dudes are sweatin and restin.

One bird got cornered and a man threw himself on the critter, holdin on to that long scrawny neck.

They were  lookin pretty good as they zoomed on past where we were laughin out loud....and leanin on the fence.

Then that poor man fell down off that peckers back,but held on!

He was being drug around the corral underneath the bird, still holdin on to that long scrawny neck and bein kicked in the bolas with every runnin stride of the bird.

He only could endure one more zoom past us, saw or FELT his folly, and let go.

Only to be replaced by another man with the same basic plan, of course some time was taken up with us watchin that poor man on the ground,moaning like he had been  kicked in the balls multiple times {which he had}.

He was holding the area affected with   tears comin out of his eyes...rollin in tha dust.
We did try and stifle our rude fartin laughs as he hobbled with two guys helpin him out of the corral.

Those big peckers also had big CLAWS and every time they kicked one of the men who were trying to catch them, they left long bloody gashes on the poor guys.There was blood and dust and moaning and I was thinking maybe I should not have brought my daughter along.....

Next guy,same ballkickin guy.

I finally took pity on the poor well meaning dudes, and suggested sweetly...

"Grab that pipe corral panel over there and we'll  corner squeeze em right into this old trailer".....which was done with no problems for men or birds...

And as we were laughin on our merry way one  big guy says to another "why didn't she say that in the first place?"

I did, but they didn't want to be told what to do by a crazed California squirrel!

Next stop was Sonora, I wanted my family to see the big birds.

It was a sight alright as we parked on main street in front of my sons bed and breakfast.

Every bird in the trailer had it's neck stuck out stretched out full length, and people drivin by were causing a traffic they never saw a crazed ole squirrel with a horse trailer full of BIG MEAN PECKERS before!


big peckers


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Oh yes, I have been pecked by roosters big and small!

I was pecked by a pigmy rooster once, I guess that's what you might call a small perky ******???

The sock worked for the Red Hot Chili Peppers too!<br />
You ever see them playing their guitars onstage wearing just those socks on their peckers?<br />

POE, you are just too funny. There is a trick to bagging ostriches. You have to have a sock and grab them by the neck and get the sock on their head and then they will be somewhat calm. I don;t want to try it, but it does work for ostrich farmers.<br />
Your story is funny though, had me in stitches!

No...I should not have laughed.<br />
They should have listened to my idea of the fence panels..<br />

Shouldn't of laughed, ostriches are really fast.

Very funny. Blue, are you going to auction your ******? Not that I'm interested of course, just sayin.

Big Peckers? and I thought this was going to be a fishing story! haha. well it is a very funny story. thanks for sharing

Big Peckers? and I thought this was going to be a fishing story! haha. well it is a very funny story. thanks for sharing


Yess indeed...there are some big peckers in Arkansas too!<br />
{I was just there last month.}<br />
Took the train.<br />
Wrote the story and posted it here on EP..<br />
Title:<br />
"Homeless and Insane"

I remember seeing a very large woodpecker in Arkansas one time...


See, I saw the title and immediately thought of this guy I knew... He had a big schnoz.

ahhhahahahahha<br />
<br />
thats all i have to say

I forgot to mention that I took the whole trailer full of big peckers straight to the livestock auction....and came home with a bit of jingly in my pocket for my trouble.

just too funny!

I think one big peck*r is enough, Why would I want a whole trailor load?

Too funny ...I don't want one! :)