Well the Worst One I Can Think of Right Now

I went to a Mr. Big show...


I was drinking at that time in my life

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still scary

By the way, I'm still locked in the bathroom. Crying over this song. And the fact that I know all the words to it.

dude I remember them from back in the day

It's ok you guys, just think about how well rounded the experiences made you! LOL

I am shameless when it comes to bands. I just admitted I've seen Vanilla "Ice Ice Baby" Ice in concert. Twice.<br />
<br />
No shame, Sweetie. No shame at all.<br />
<br />
Ha HA!!<br />
<br />
*Secretly crying in the bathroom*

and now Ck's shame is that she knew the lyrics to the only song the band ever charted with

"I'm the one who wants to be with you<br />
Deep inside I hope you feel it too<br />
Waited on a line of greens and blues<br />
Just to be the next to be with you"

exactly, it would be so much worse if you knew and my shame would be doubled

Who is Mr.Big?