Yep I Have:o)

Oh yeah!

I saw a concert with David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails. I was 17 or 18 and my best friend and I went to see them at the Tacoma stadium, it was AWESOME! Even though they were only about 3 inches tall from where we sat lol

I saw a Fugees concert here in Iceland and Lauren was over 8 months pregnant and we were told that she was a racist and couldn't stand white people and that she would turn her BACK to us the whole concert, so we weren't expecting much when we arrived at the concert.
OMG were the tabloids WRONG! She rocked the house and even allowed people to dance with her on stage and I think the concert went over the estimated time about an hour, she was having so much fun and her body guards were actually coming on the stage to ask her to stop and she refused, they were probably concerned about the baby because she was dancing and bouncing around like crazy lol Finally they literally dragged her off the stage

I saw Santana in Reno. I went with my friend and her boyfriend and we stood on the top bleachers (I think that's what it's called) and there were A LOT of hippies there and hardcore Santana fans and when their most famous songs were played EVERYONE stood up and jumped like there was no tomorrow, I did get scared because the bleachers felt unsafe and they rattled alot and I did think it would collapse at times. I didn't know much about Santana, I only knew the song 'Black Magic Woman' and recognized maybe 2 other songs, but it was so much fun and being with hippies I got to experience a few new things that I never did again (nothing illegal I promise LOL)

I saw Smokie in their hometown in Sweden, now this is a band I knew most of their songs because my mom loved them and I think the coolest part of the concert was when they sang "Living next door to Alice" and the drummer stood on his chair, held up a teeshirt that had "Who the **** is Alice" written on it and we were given the instructions to shout that out during the chorus and then the drummer put the shirt down his pants rubbed it around his crotch and then threw it into the crowd, the women went WILD!

I've also participated in concerts with some of Iceland's biggest singers. I think it's more fun being IN the concert rather than sitting in the audience. Because when you're participating you get to know the stars and I'm not afraid to talk to them and get to know them, I don't get star struck anymore...

Spiritsinger Spiritsinger
31-35, F
Jul 26, 2010