It Was...

it was 3am

on a dark and windy night

and I had a few too many

He met me on the road and said that if i made him tea, and gave him a job, he would show me to the pot o'gold.  I brought him home to work in the kitchen

and the pesky little git ran off with all my cutlery


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very nice flutterby-thanks

No just mushrooms ....... lots of mushrooms

Was Jamesons, Powers or Bushmills involved here?

Always after me @#$&*#&% charms!

Ok Mewold , you me Elvis oh and Napoleon


I wanted the room with Elvis.

Come ..... Come Flutters dear ..... These nice men have come for you ..... don't worry about the white coats

let me help you with the jacket .... that's a girl ... its ok I will get the straps ..... yes ......yes bring Harvey .... yes the room with Elvis..... Nurse Cratchet !!!! the sedative please


Have you seen that movie, Leprechaun?!?! Those things are flippin' scary. And evil.

I saw the end of the rainbow when I was a kid and there was no pot of gold, (unless it was on the other end. I just thought about that )

If you tell me next that you had to play a violin for them while they danced and then they all ran out to go on a fox hunt and thats how you got away, I think I'll laugh myself to death


I now have that visual in my head from Darby O'Gill and the Little People except it's Flutter running up the mountain chasing a leprichaun who keeps dropping spoons and forks