Only Once - A Memory To Be Treasured

Back in the late 1960's, back before my first wife divorced me, we were traveling home to Chicago from her parents in western Iowa, along Interstate 80/US 6 (depending on 80's completion status). It still had very little traffic. We noticed the moving, shimering cloud off to our left and soon decided that it must be the Northern Lights and pulled over to watch. I don't remember the date, where exactly we were, I just remember that we sat there for what seemed a very long time, mesmerized.

It was one of the good memories we made. We recently talked about seeing the Lights, as a matter of fact.

This was the only time in my 70 years that I have seen the Northern Lights. Those who live further north are fortunate (and now I live further south) to have more opportunity to see them.
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Thank you.

AWESOME!! And it's still a good memory to share with her even after the marriage ended....It was special. Just like you... :)