My Favorite Realm: Spiritual

My Favorite realm is the Spiritual realm. It is so much a part of our natural world, yet it seems the majority can't see it. I am undeniably a Christian in love with the Highest Power. I first became aware of the this realm again as a child. I had repetive nightmares of be battling demons. I sometimes would awaken still sweating with an elevated heart rate. the demon's ghoulish features used to be quite frightening to me. As i matured i could feel myself growing in spiritual strength. Sometimes in my dreams i would run away from demons. Now I run towards them eager to offer them a chance to revolt against their leader and apologize to God for following a lesser power, or they will be rebuked and bound in Jesus' name and cast into the abyss of darkness where they cant harm anyone until the time of judgement.
The Spiritual realm is like an invisible world in our own. The only problem or blessing is that it is not invisible to me. sometimes when i'm filled with pure joy i can see showers of magnificient light dancing around me. Sometimes when I enter strongholds of darkness i see evil spirits lurking. Unlike some i dont blame lesser evil spirits for their following of a lesser power. Maybe they were caught up in the civil war in Heaven and were saddened by the free will humans have. I have made some bad decision before also. I think it is best to tell the evil spirits that as long as judgement has not occured they can still repent and follow the one true God.
I used to be afraid of hearing and seeing spiritual truths. That fear did not change what was and is, it just rendered me useless. I don't just want to be saved I want to be useful. I encourage all readers to not be afraid of their gifts. Fear makes those gifts useless. Fear is a parasite.
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This gives me strength. I have been doubting my gift because I have difficulty mastering it. I have trouble seeing my angels and hearing them. I used to be afraid of evil spirits, but after a while they get bored when they know they can't get to you because of Saint Michael's protection. I always call on him to take my fears and worries away. <br />
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But I have a question. How can I better my gift? How do I make it stronger? There are a few good spiritual beings I'd like to hold conversations with and be able to interact with them in a way that is sort of like the living.