The Name Of The Movie Is: Wax, Or The Discovery Of Television Among The Bees (1991)

 It was definitely the weirdest, craziest, most disturbed movie ever. 

Before I saw it, the weirdest movies I'd seen were Zardoz and The Holy Mountain, followed by Prospero's books. There's my list of the weirdest, most out-there bizarre movies I have ever seen in my life!!

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Plot synopsis of new rose hotel: (this should explain) from<br />
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Manhattan in the not-too-distant future seems a lot like Tokyo. Two friends who live on the margin try for one big score. One is Fox, older, limping, philosophical. The other is X. They stand to make $100 million from Maas, a conglomerate, if they can steal the secrets of a genetics company, Hosaka, and its genius leader, Hitoshi. They enlist Sandii, a call girl, to fly to Merrekech, where Hosaka's laboratory is, to seduce Hitoshi. During the set up, X falls in love with Sandii; Fox is cynical about the relationship. She heads for Morocco; Maas is ready to wire $100 million to a Swiss bank account; X fears for Sandii's safety. Will it all work out?

I havent seen any of those, but have you ever seen New Rose Hotel? I watched it because it was a Christopher Walken movie, but - 5 years later - Im still shaking my head, stunned, and trying to figure out what in the WORLD was going on in that movie......<br />