Diagnosis: Selective Mutism

My beautiful daughter, Maggie (aged three next month) was just diagnosed with Selective Mutism.  I am fearful that she will never experience the full joy of playing with another child and I want to learn all I can about this disease so that she can live her best possible life.  I joined this group to better understand this disease and to get ideas on how to help her.
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I have selective mutism and I am 20 years old. I remember when I was young I used to experience full joy of playing with children I felt safe open up to, if you understand. But with other children (who were rude, or pointed out i never talked) i would just sit there, feeling weird and like i bother people with myself

I know this post is old but i just want to say that I think you're daughter is the most beautiful and rarest of all! I think what you're doing is great but don't change her. She'll talk when she is ready and do you know what that means? Her words will be thought out carefully. They'll be meaningful. :)

I wouldn't worry about it. She will speak when she is ready. I was once the same way. I was once scared of everyone. I would further withdraw when someone would push me to do something I didn't want to do. My Parents didn't believe in medicating me for bashfullness and taught me alternative forms of communication; Art and Music. Both instilled confidence. I grew up to be a successful, well-educated Artist and Musician. Now, I am an outgoing, social butterfly.

Hi maggie's mom ...I also have a 3 year old, beautiful girl that is a selective mute. I have known it for a while bc she is so smart, and high functioning at home. she shuts down in public. Before I thought something could be wrong, I thought she was just being a toddler, and not obeying me. I thought she was shy. I am so wrong. I started her with a psychologist and I have high hopes. There are some all natural vitamins you should look into as well. She does qualify for services through the school district since she is three....at least in Texas.

My daughter is 12 and has a very social life here at home, just very reserved at school. She is in girl scouts and has been since 1st grade. Her close friends are like her sisters and they are wonderful. Our biggest challenge now is getting her teachers to better understand her. Support groups are great and doing research really helps. Help her get an IEP when she enters school too. We can help each other!

talk to your childs doctor about starting a reward system, if that does not help the medication may be necessary. I had the disease when i was in kindergarden, i say "had" because i feel as though i have outgrown it, although i still take a low dose medication for it. I had lots of therapy, and consultations with my teachers with my parents. any questions feel free to ask and Good Luck!<br />
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- Kayla