I Have The Reverse Problem.

im 15 and ive had sm since i was 6 but i have no problem talking to strangers. I have trouble talking to some of my family members besides my mom sister grandma and some younger cousins. they all think im stupid but i just wish they could understand!
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4 Responses Jan 5, 2013

I have selective mutism and that's exactly what I'm like! None of my therapists understand how I'm perfectly fine around strangers yet I can't talk to my own brother or nan. The most crazy thing is we don't understand ourselves. There's just something there. Something stopping us speaking freely. If need to chat, just message me:)

im 15 to i think i might have sm or some sort of social phobia, how did you find out you had it i dont know what to do because its getting worse?

My brother is 15 hasn't been diagnosed but I know he wants help and I'm almost certain he has it. He won't talk to any family anymore :( it makes me so sad.. I want to help any advice?

Hi, I do the same thing too, I can talk fine with strangers most the time. Its nice to be able to talk to some one who understands, and does not just think you are stupid. Thanks for the boost of confidence, maybe I will be able to talk to my mom about it.