How Do I Tell My Therapists That I Have Selective Mutism?

I only recently discovered selective mutism. After reading about it, it describes me perfectly. I have been this way all my life. I assumed it was just social anxiety and depression; But I guess I have more conditions than I thought.

I find myself unable to give more than one or two word answers to my therapist, psychologist and case manager. This poses a problem. How can therapy be successful if I can't communicate properly?

My sister has offered to talk to my therapist for me (he is also her therapist as well). However I feel pathetic needing my sister to communicate for me so I refused. I get very frustrated with myself and as a result I self injure and feel like I deserve to feel this way.

Any input or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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i feel exactly the same i heard about sm on a program and it was exactly the same as me, ive been to the doctors but they couldn't really help im going to try and search for more help because i know thats i have some sort of autism, try talking to your family more about how you really feel and how bad its become you will probably get more help then you think x

How about you go together, talk with your sister about yourself in details and when the therapist asks you a question and you respond by a one or two words, she can talk about what you said in details as an observer.

Thank you for your comment.

I often feel emailing people is easier, I'm not sure how you feel about that, but if you could get hold of your therapists email and tell him that way?

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I cannot email my therapist.

I often feel pathetic having to get people to talk on my behalf, but I've come to realise that they are only trying to help and it really isn't your fault. If you feel you can tell your therapist then that's all very well and good, but don't feel bad if you ask your sister to talk on your behalf, I'm sure your therapist will understand. In my case, I have to get my mentor to tell my lecturers how I'm feeling about things, and they are very understanding x

Thank you for your comment.

Its kinda complicated Zeal, but in discussion and communication there always, always so much way.

I believe communication is not simply about words and form. Maybe you can start by using different method of communication like drawing, writing, sculpturing, or even dancing.

usually i draw when i have some intense depression, and upload it on net.

I have difficulties about word specially when it about feeling and my self. As for me i try to use memorize method. i try to practice what i really want to said again and again like practicing some drama. and spell it out. even though it usually came out to be bad, but i talk what i want to talk.

i hope this can aspire and help you with something

or you can show the text :D

Thank you for your comment.