I'm sick of having self control. For goodness sakes, I just want to feel something all the way through. But I can't.
ishax ishax
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

You are young enough to explore and have others understand your choice to let go once in a while. Remember, you are not grown up yet. Despite how mature you feel or what others expect from you. This is your time, you are growing up and discovering who you are. Please take advantage of your age (time) while you still can.

Thanks... This is something I do think about, but I just don't want to disappoint anyone by my actions.

You are a young bright soul in this world that is growing up. Natural and pure love won't expire due to your choices, but how you are and treat others will last a lifetime. Remember, those you might disappoint, were once in your shoes (if you mean grown-ups) and will understand you, even support you. Am sorry if they warn so sternly to not let you see that. But never stop believing in yourself.

Thank you .